Tuesday, October 18

Sunday In Hawaii

This past Sunday was absolutely perfect with my little family.  We woke up and made the drive to Boots & Kimo's, for breakfast.  We got there early in order to beat the rush.  If you are ever in Oahu, you have to try this place.  It's ridiculously good!  We first tried it on our honeymoon and have been dreaming of going back, ever since.  They are known for their macadamia nut pancakes, that are drenched in the most divine cream sauce, that I can't get ever seem to get enough of.  It was fun to take my mom and Tyson's family to one of our favorite spots.  

Following breakfast we attended church in the most beautiful tabernacle/chapel.  I loved being surrounded by the Polynesian culture and feeling of their love for our Savior.  It was a sweet meeting.  I love that no matter where we travel, when we attend church, there is a feeling of home and comfort.

We decided to skip Pearl Harbor with the rest of the family, because we didn't think our girls would last long, seeing as they have still not adjusted to the time change and have been waking up at 4:00 am every morning.  We decided to take the scenic trip over to the North Shore.  It's one of my favorite drives.  It's breathtaking.  I can't help but feel gratitude for this beautiful world that we have been blessed to live on.  Taking a step back and enjoying God's creations, is something I don't do often enough, but when I do I am blown away at the love he has for us.

We spotted a little beach off to the side of the road and couldn't help but pull over and let this girl stretch their legs.  I was dying to get my camera out.  I have really slacked at taking pictures of my family and wasn't going to let this opportunity pass.  The color of the water was unreal and the beauty that surrounded us totally swept us away.
^^^ This girl goes nowhere without kitty.  I swear it's her lifeline. ^^^
^^^ I love watching my girls interact. ^^^
^^^ She would have spun in circles all day. ^^^
^^^ We love having our Mimi with us. ^^^
^^^ Kim Kardashian in the house..... ^^^
^^^ Don't know what I would do without my lady. ^^^
^^^ She almost pummeled over into the ocean, after spinning Lucy around. ^^^
^^^ Lu refuses to let her daddy throw her into the air. ^^^
^^^ I hope she always knows how lucky she is to have Tyson as her daddy. ^^^
^^^ They sure love their daddy. ^^^
^^^ One of my favorite pictures to date. ^^^
After we had some fun on the beach we continued our drive to the Lai Hawaii Temple.  It was fun going back six years later with two beautiful girls in tow.  When we first visited on our honeymoon, the temple was under construction, so we weren't able to walk around the temple grounds or go into the visitor center, so this time was extra special.  The visitor center was such a neat experience.  The church has created some really neat videos and tours for the visitors.  They have a new demonstration on families being together forever that was so touching.  I couldn't help but be moved to tears.  My girls loved the Christus statue and visiting with the sister missionaries.  It has been one of the main highlights to our trip.

We love being back here in Hawaii and having my mama with us, makes it that much more fun!  We still have another five days under our belts and I can't wait to see what else is in store for us.
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