Tuesday, October 18

A Utah Summer

We traveled to Utah back in July.  I hadn't been back there on the 4th since before I was married.  I forgot how wonderful Utah summers are.  The weather was beyond perfect and the evening temperature was perfection.  We did a whole bunch of running around, eating to our hearts content, caught up with friends and family, I had five photography sessions, went zip lining, took the girls down the Alpine slide, went paddle boarding in Deer Creek, shopped at City Creek, went golfing at Soldier Hollow, became High Fitness certified, Tyson and I ran in our first 10k, attending Stadium of Fire, stayed up late playing games and took the girls to my favorite spot to feed the ducks.  It was a jammed pack week, but oh so memorable.

My girls had so much fun breaking off pieces of fluffy white bread and throwing it as far as their little arms allowed. There was a park near by and they had a blast flying down the slide with their mimi.  I still can't get over all of the green that encompasses the valley during the summer.  It felt so good being back and loved showing my little family a few of my favorite summer to-do's.
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