Wednesday, October 19

Summer Nights

Since I have been bouncing around all over the place on this here blog, I figured why not jump backwards a few months to summer with my girls.  The days have been hot, so they were spent either cooling down in a pool or soaking up the air conditioner indoors.  The evenings however, were spent outdoors on the trampoline.  My girls have loved their Christmas gift from last year and it continues to pay itself off.  

It's so dang cute to look out the window and see them bouncing around.  Hearing their giggles and squeals come through the sliding door, make my heart melt.  The icing on the cake is going outside and seeing their hair in a fuzzy fury.  

Just about the time they head outdoors, the sun is getting ready to take a break.  The sunsets in Clovis, happen to be some of my favorites.  The pollution must do something to the sky, because it make the most beautiful cotton candy colored sunsets.  P's favorite thing is outstretching her little arms into the sky and grabbing heaping piles of imaginary cotton candy.  It's rather adorable.  

We are excited for the weather to finally start cooling down and have already found ourselves in the kitchen, whipping up apple crip and caramel popcorn.  Cheers to cooler weather, chunky scarves, rain boots and snuggling by the fire.  

As soon as we get home from Hawaii we will be packing up our house and moving down the street.  I can't wait to decorate the new house for the holidays and fill the air with pumpkin spice everything.  We have plans to hit the pumpkin patch and make pumpkin sugar cookies. Hooray for my favorite time of year.
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