Friday, October 21

High Fitness Love

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I'm sure you haven't been able to miss all of my High Fitness posts.  Over the summer my friends Jen, Angie and I became certified and have totally become addicted ever since.  It's been such a fun thing to bring to our city.  Our gym has totally embraced this new class and it's already changing lives everywhere.  

It has made such a tremendous impact on my own life.  Ever since having my second baby, I have struggled with postpartum depression.  You can read more about my story here.  I was medicated for over a year and it truly made all the difference in the world.  It allowed me to get back on my feet and start feeling like myself again.  

Back in May, I decided it was time to start coming off my meds.  I felt great and wanted to see if I could function without them.  The withdrawal period was awful, almost as awful as the depression itself.  I honestly didn't know if I was every going to be able to function without medication ever again.  The months past and I decided to just stick it out and see how it would play out, being okay with the fact that I might have to go back on the meds, but really wanting to be able to make it without them.  

Things started going downhill again, I started feeling extremely down and it was like deja vu all over again.  That's where High Fitness came into play and honestly helped me out tremendously.  It came into my life at the perfect moment.  I had no idea the effect it would have on me, not only physically but especially mentally.  

From the moment I started teaching this amazing class, I felt on top of the world.  I would leave the gym ready to tackle my day, full of so much energy and a new zest for life.  I finally had a natural medication, to channel my insecurities, depression and anxiety.  It's been so incredible to reach out and share this passion I have with so many.  As you will be able to tell from the pictures, this class instantly puts an enormous smile on your face and it will remain there, long after the hour sweat sesh.

We decided it would be fun to host a free event for our community, to introduce our new favorite workout.  My father-in-law who is always so generous, allowed us to take over the parking lot at James G. Parker Insurance.  It was the perfect location.  The weather was amazing, we had delicious healthy snack provided by my friend Chef Shayna as well as Beauty Counter Products and LipSense  Everyone came together and it was the perfect night!  We had amazing people in our ward let us borrow their lights, stage and speakers.  Everything came together for an unforgettable night!  We finished off the night with an awesome raffle and energy to take us through the weekend!

I would like to give an enormous shout out to Shaun Tucker Photography for coming out and capturing the event perfectly!  A huge thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting us.  High Fitness has been such a huge blessing in my life and it means everything, to be able to teach all of the amazing people that I come in contact with.  Teaching along side Jen and Angie makes it all the sweeter.  I love these girls and cherish their friendship and dedication.

If you haven't tried a class yet, GO GO GO!  I promise your won't regret it.  Who knows it might just be the change you need!
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