Wednesday, October 19

Yosemite With Our Elders

Back in the spring, we took our Elders on their P day, up to Yosemite.  It had been years since Tyson and I had been up there and I had never seen the falls in full force.  We woke up early grabbed some warm bagels and cream cheese, from Uncle Harry's and made the drive up the windy roads.  The car ride was filled with good conversation and excitement to see the breathtaking views.  

Elder Mo'o and Elder Checkmates have been returned home, but we still remain close.  They were some of our favorites..... shhhh don't tell the others.
I couldn't believe how powerful the falls were.  I can't believe we live so close to this amazing park and don't go near enough!
^^^ I am obsessed with deer ears.  I think they are the cutest. ^^^
^^^ I spy Half Dome in the back.  We applied for permits to hike it, but got denied..... better luck next year. ^^^
Our day spent with the Elders was definitely a memorable one!
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