Sunday, September 25

Soccer Mom Coming Right Up

^^^ P and Scarlett and of course Lu. ^^^
^^^ Lucy really wanted to be part of the team. ^^^
^^^ The first play of the game..... P takes a good hit to the eye. ^^^
^^^ Daddy makes everything better. ^^^
^^^ Lu decided it was a good idea, to take her shirt off during the game. ^^^
^^^ Sissy was a great water girl. ^^^
^^^ That smile. ^^^
^^^ The highlight to P's morning. ^^^
^^^ Grandpa is the best cheerleader. ^^^
The time finally arrived for P to be on her first soccer team.  I never played soccer growing up, but always loved the sport.  I couldn't wait to sign P up for the game and as an added bonus, P's good friend Scarlett is on her team.  

The funnest part was taking P to the soccer store and letting her pick out her very own soccer ball and shoes.  She of course had to have everything PINK!  She was so sad that she didn't get to wear a pink uniform.  That night she wanted to sleep in her uniform and shoes and couldn't wait to wake up and play.

We didn't really have any expectations.  We just wanted her to get out there and have fun.  P has never been much of a runner or one to show aggression, so we didn't know how things would turn out.  We practiced some passes with her and basically told her to try and get the ball.  As the first whistle was blown, she went straight for the ball and took a mean hit to her left eye.  She immediately ran over to us and was in tears.  I don't think she expected to get hurt out there.  It was so sad, but after a hug and kiss she decided to give it another go.

She stood back and by back, I mean way back.  She wasn't about to make contact with anyone or the ball for that matter.  However, she did get a good workout and had fun running up and down the field.  After a few minutes in, she ran over again and was exhausted.  The poor thing had sweat dripping from her forehead.  She told us she was tired and just wanted to drink her water.  We kept trying to get her back out there but she preferred the side lines.  She eventually got back out and ended up having a great time.

The highlight to her day, was running under the tunnel.  She kept asking us to make another tunnel for her to run under.  She loved having the support of her grandma and grandpa there!  She is so blessed to have so many cheerleaders.

I wasn't sure she was going to want to play again, but she has been asking to put her cleats on ever since and can't wait for her next game!
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