Monday, November 3


This Halloween goes down in the books for thee BEST Halloween to date!  Penelope was old enough to appreciate all of the fun shenanigans that go hand in hand with the holiday.  We kick started All Hallows Eve with the annual sugar cookie baking fest.  P was obsessed with rolling and stamping out the dough.  Each time I would pull a cookie off the counter she would yell out "BABEE."  I couldn't stop laughing.  I'm not quite sure why she thought they were babies, but she was in heaven none of the less.  
 ^^^ She loved sprinkling the counter with flour.  She thought it was about the greatest thing ever. ^^^
Last minute I decided to order P a swan costume from Pottery Barn.  I just knew the obnoxious amount of tulle was going to equal all sorts of adorableness.  I wasn't sure if P would like the costume, so we gave it a test run the night before.  The second I put it on her she twirled and laughed.  She laid on the floor and giggled with excitement.  It was hilarious, because you could hardly see her eyes from all the tulle in her face.  
Later in the evening we had Tyson's parents over and we all sat around and watched P have a go at frosting all of the sugar cookies she could get her hands on.  While she enjoyed frosting, she was ecstatic over decorating them.  She loaded up each cookie with pumpkins, candy corn, and sprinkles galore.  
Halloween morning we stopped by Tyson's office.  P couldn't wait to go see her grandpa and uncle Buzz.  Two of her favorites!
^^^ She took off the second she spotted her grandpa. ^^^
^^^ We were a little worried the benefits department would scare P, but she wasn't even phased.  Tyson on the other hand is an entirely different story. ^^^
 Later that evening we headed over to Tyson's parents for an awesome evening filled with soup, corn bread, pumpkin bars (recipe to come) and lots and lots of kiddos.  It was a blast.
 ^^^ I was the lame mom that didn't dress up my newborn. ^^^

And the HIGHLIGHT of the evening was witnessing P trick-or-treat with her friend Clara.  It was one of those full circle parent moments.  My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.  P kept yelling "MOOR, MOOR, MOOR."  She didn't even mind the wind and chilly weather.  I promise I tried to put something warm on underneath her costume, but she wasn't having it.  The cold weather wasn't going to get her down.
One of the funniest moments of the evening, was when the girls ran into a strangers house.  They spotted the candy bowl and made a run for it.
 It was honestly one of the best nights ever!  I'm already stewing up costume ideas for next year.
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  1. That is my In-Laws house that they ran into! Small World!