Tuesday, November 11

Penelope's 2nd Birthday

It's crazy to think I have a TWO year old!  We had so much fun celebrating P's birthday.  Tyson woke up bright and early to ensure he had enough time to make P some waffles, before heading off to church. 

She instantly became obsessed with blowing out candles.  We had to light candles around our house, just so she could keep blowing something out.  Every time we asked her if it was her birthday or someone would say happy birthday to her, she would make a blowing sound.  She still points to every candle she see's and wants to blow it out immediately.  
P was so excited when she found out she got to open some of her presents.  The expression on her face each time she opened a bag was priceless.  It got us even more excited for Christmas morning.  She made sure to turn every page on each book she received, before opening the next present.
^^^ The moment she laid eyes on her purple and pink dump truck.  This kid is too much fun. ^^^

Monday night we celebrated her birthday with family.  I decided 
to keep things simple this year seeing as last year I went a little over the top.  We had pizza, salad, cake and of course, ice cream.  
I was going to attempt making her a birthday cake this year, but last minute decided to have my girl Kimmy make one.  I'm happy I did, because it turned out perfect!
P had a blast opening all of her gifts.  She was completely spoiled. 
P has become obsessed with Elmo lately.  Her uncle Buzz knowing this, found the PERFECT gift!  I will let the pictures do the talking.
I about died when I saw the size of that thing!  It was hilarious and amazing all at the same time.  Oh how I wish we could have gotten her expression as well as everyone else's on video, when Elmo came flying out of the bag.  It was such a fun night, celebrating our special girl.
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