Sunday, November 23

Shaver Fun

We just got back from a much needed getaway to Shaver.  We are always so grateful for Tyson's aunt and uncle who allow us to crash at their beautiful cabin.  It was so wonderful to get out of town and just relax.  The weather was indescribably perfect.  It was my ideal weather all bottled up into one weekend.  Think Fall/Twilight all in one.  It felt like we were in Portland or Seattle. I loved being snuggled up on the couch and looking out at all of the fog and colorful changing leaves.  It was seriously breathtaking.  I stuffed my face with berry cobbler and red vines all weekend long and caught up on some sleep.  P had so much fun spending quality time with her cousins.  She can't get enough of them!  Tyson even dusted off the mountain bike and took it for a spin.

Watching P explore the great outdoors did my heart good.  She was obsessed with finding the perfect walking stick.  I wish you could see the way she walks in her rain boots.  It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.  I hope my girls will develop a love for nature and appreciate all that God has given us.  The peace that was felt being up there, rejuvenated my soul for the hustle and bustle that awaits.
^^^ So serious, and those hands in her pocket kill me. ^^^
I can't believe it's the week of Thanksgiving.  I will be busy making pies, taking family pics, shopping and setting up Christmas.  I seriously can't wait!!
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  1. cute photos! what a great location for photos!

  2. We were up in Shaver on Saturday afternoon too! The fog was incredible! I love that kind of weather!

  3. Adorable pictures! Looks so pretty!
    Erika W.