Sunday, November 9

Today You Are TWO

Dear Penelope,

Today you are two!!  I can still vividly remember the moment you were placed on my chest and into my arms.  You were so warm and fuzzy.  You stole our hearts immediately and continue to do so each and every day.  From the moment you wake up, until the moment you lay down for bed, you have us smiling and fill our hearts with so much joy.  You are sweet and sassy and everything in between.  Your little personality just bursts from within.  

If I could use one word to describe you, it would be determined.  If you have your little heart set on something, you make sure it happens.  You want to do everything your mama does.  Your favorite thing lately is matching me.  We even recently took you to get your ears pierced, because you wouldn't stop pointing at my earrings and then to your ears, basically begging to get them done.  It is incredibly hard to tell you no.  You know just how to work us.

You have become such a good eater as of late.  Your love sweets just like your parents.  We have to keep the pantry closed, otherwise you would eat Oreo's every chance you could get.  Each morning when you wake up, you ask for cocoa.  You can't get enough of your chocolate milk.  You love stealing your dada's cereal and drinking the milk at the bottom of the bowl.  

You are completely obsessed with Elmo, Daniel Tiger, Curious George and Frozen.  I haven't figured out how you haven't gotten sick of watching them.  You haven taken up a love for art.  You love coloring and painting and especially enjoy having your hand traced, over and over again.  Dada paints your nails and you light up every time you look down at your hands and toes.  Bubbles continue to fascinate you.  I have to hide them from you, other wise you would want to blow them all day long.  The highlight to your day is reading your books and baking in the kitchen with mama.  You love dumping the flour and sugar and most of all licking the beaters.  You beg to get on the counter even when there is nothing left to bake.

You have figured out how to buckle yourself into your car seat and make sure we clap every time you do it.  If we are in a hurry you still have to be the one to do it, otherwise a melt down is sure to follow.  You are the most flexible little girl I have ever seen.  You will start  dance this year and we just can't wait to see you move up on that stage.  The way you sway your hips to music is absolutely adorable. 

Watching you interact with your baby sister is too precious.  Anytime she cries you make sure to rush to her side and make sure everything is okay.  You know how to rock the car seat and even try to give her, her binkie and bottle when she cries.  You try so hard to pick her up and hold her.  Each night before bed, you make sure to give her kisses.  It's honestly the sweetest thing. You are never jealous and have turned out to be the best big sister.  

As soon as I set you in your highchair you immediately fold your arms and remind me, that we need to bless the food.  We love saying our family prayers at night and watching the way you have learned to kneel down and fold your arms.  You love when we say amen and throw your arms wide open.  You teach us new things every day and helps us want to become better for you.

Even though you are feisty more often times than not, we wouldn't trade that strong willed personality for anything.  We enjoy having you in our family so much and couldn't imagine life without you.


Mama and Dada
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