Sunday, November 30

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

This Thanksgiving break has been amazing.  All of us have thoroughly enjoyed having Tyson home all weekend long.  It has been wildly exhausting but filled with so much fun.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  After several pie mishaps, it was one of my favorite Thanksgivings to date.  It was surprisingly low key and relaxing.  The food was amazing and still has me dreaming about the creamed corn and sweet potatoes.  On top of photo shoots, our family pictures, picking out a Christmas tree, P's first pajama party and decking our halls, I managed to sneak in a little Black Friday shopping.  Those dang sales get me every time.  

One of the ultimate highlights was getting our tree flocked and letting P experience decorating a Christmas tree for the first time.  She loved reaching into the box and handing me each ornament.  She was mesmerized by the flocking on the tree.  She hasn't quite been able to figure out what that white fluffy stuff is on the limbs.  This is our third year flocking our tree and I don't foresee us having a tree any other way.  Our house smells dreamy.  Walking into a house smelling like fresh pine puts a smile instantly on my face.
 I took the afternoon to decorate the house.  Hopefully we won't be moving again anytime soon.  Finding a place for every decoration gets trickier and trickier every move.  We bit the bullet this year and replaced all of our stockings.  The ones from years past were no longer available and we didn't want Lucy feeling left out.  I fell in love with these stocking from Anthropologie and knew they were the ones.  In an attempt to never have to purchase stockings again, I may have purchased a few extra for our unborn children....  

Each year I purchase the girls an ornament that represents them from the past year.  I bought P this Owl and Lucy this monogrammed L.  I am still on the lockout for an Elmo for P.  She is obsessed.  Tyson and I try to remember to purchase an ornament from our years vacations.  It is always fun reminiscing over the memories we have made thus far.
 Tyson hung our Christmas lights on the house yesterday and was so excited to show P his work.  I don't know why I always miss her reactions on video.  She lit up as soon as she saw all of the bright colors.  Her new favorite thing is driving past all of the homes in our neighborhood with lights on them.  She screams MORE MORE, every time she sees them.  I can't help but laugh and aim to find more.  Tyson and I can hardly contain our excitement to take her down candy cane lane.  I think she might faint.  It's a neighborhood totally decked out in lights.  We get shakes and fries and drive with the windows down, while listening to Christmas music.  It's one of my all time favorite traditions.  
There are so many parties that I am looking forward to and seeing P's face Christmas morning, but most of all I am looking forward to a season of giving and putting Christ at the fore front of my mind.  I love everything about this time of year and cannot wait to experience Lucy's first Christmas with her.  Having a newborn in the home makes the holidays that much more magical.  

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving surrounded by your loved ones!
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  1. So pretty! Setting up the Christmas tree is such a fun part of the season :)