Tuesday, March 22

Brown Family

Friday morning a received yet another heart wrenching phone call from my mother.  She informed me that my uncle Cliff had passed away.  I flood of emotions filled my heart as past wounds were reopened.  We received word that the funeral would be on Monday and made arrangements to be there as soon as possible.  We made the journey to the reservation to be with family and were instantly comforted being in their presence.  I cannot think of a time were I have been able to be around all of my aunties and uncles at the same time.  We were gathered under unwanted circumstances but were happy to be surrounded by one another.  Tyson was able to meet all of my uncles and many of my cousins.  The funeral was beautiful.  The music penetrated deep into my soul.  I was again reminded of the love of our Savior and the peace that the Plan of Salvation brings. I would not be able to get through these circumstances without the Gospel.

My uncle Crow lived with us for a few months when I was younger.  I will never forget how lucky I felt to have my uncle by my side.  We would ride our bikes to the store and get treats.  We made a cake together for my dad.  He was an amazing artist and had a great love and understanding for music.  He was in the movie Geronimo and Back to the Future 3.  I love you uncle!

Here he is at the last family reunion trying to win the dress up contest!

While in Arizona some of the cousins got together for lunch at Speedys.

My cousin Brigader was sweet and let us stay at her home.

Uncle Tsos

Uncle Ed(looks just like my dad)and Aunt Linda

My cousin Jessica

Uncle Ken... he looks a lot like my dad too!

I sure love my cousins!  And I have to say that indian babies are the cutest!

The three amigos!

Me and Grandma

Auntie Sunshine and Uncle Delbert.

Uncle Gib and my cousins.

My cousin Sam brought some old pictures of the family.  I fell in love.

Here is my Grandpa on the top left on a movie set.

My Grandma and Grandpa Brown, they had thirteen children.  

My dad is on the bottom left.  He is so cute!

Indian GQ haha!  This is my Uncle Tsos.

I feel so blessed that I was able to be with my family this past weekend.  I love each and everyone of them.  I learned a lot from them and hope to implement everything they taught me.  I love learning about my heritage and am proud of where I come from.  I will miss my uncle dearly but I know that he is in a better place.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your uncle! I loved looking at all your pictures, your family seems amazing, and you look beautiful as always!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about you're uncle! Hope you're doing okay ;)