Sunday, March 27


I come from a small town and grew up loving rodeos, bull riding being my favorite event of the night.  Last summer I took Tyson to his first rodeo.  It was so much fun watching the excitement in his eyes.  While in Heber over Christmas, we attending another bull riding event to support my brother, who recently decided to take up bull riding.  Through these outings I might have found a little country boy in my hubby.  

Friday morning I woke up to a surprise text from Tyson saying to pick up our cowboy boots from his parents house.  I was thrilled he was taking me to the PBR.  I had been telling him over and over again how much I wanted to go, but didn't think anything would come of it.  We slipped into our boots and made our way to the PBR.

While sitting in the nose bleeds one of the ushers approached us and asked if we would like to move down.  Without any hesitation we found ourselves in the third row.  How we got so lucky, I don't know. 

I told Tyson we need to make this an annual event and maybe one day we will find ourselves in Vegas for the finals.

My favorite part of the night was the rodeo clown!  He had me laughing like crazy with his dance moves.  I am happy to say, I got him to dance with me.  

All together the night was a success.  I love you babe!  Thank you for an amazing night.


  1. We started loving rodeos while we were living in Houston! Every year they have the rodeo that goes on for 3 weeks along with the fair. It's so much fun! My favorite is watching the little kids do the mutton bustin'-they are fearless! :) We should go to the clovis rodeo together this year-I've never been but want to check it out!

  2. Lucky you!!! I have always wanted to go to the bull finals in Vegas and never have, maybe this is my year:) That is my favorite thing to watch, I like to think I'm a cowgirl/ small town girl at heart! I can't believe your brother does that, we will have to look out for him at the Heber rodeo!