Wednesday, May 18

Like Mother, Like Daughter

About a month ago my sweet hubs booked a flight for my mama.  He knew just how much I missed her.  The anticipation for her arrival was immense.  Thursday afternoon I picked her up from the airport.  I couldn't see her, but I heard her voice calling my name.  I was so thrilled I got to spend some much needed time with her.  

Some highlights of her trip

Sakanaya! Yum

Taco Wagon! Extra Yum

My mom happens to be the most incredible sewer.  I am obsessed with everything she makes.  I thought I would take advantage of the time and have her teach me how to sew, not that she didn't try when I was younger.  She made me a table runner and helped me get started on some baby blankets.  

(If you are having a baby some time soon, you might get lucky enough to get one of my crocheted blankets.  However, don't look too close at the sewing job.)

I HAD to show my mom the puppies I have been talking about for over a year now.

Meet GiGi and my happy husband.....

How could you not fall in love with this face! 

I really, really, really want one!

Yogurtland!  YUM, YUM, YUMMY!

Yes, her vacation may have been revolved around food, but that's what we do best!  My mom was even able to come to my first Zumba class.  Might I add, she did amazing!  We laid by the pool, talked for hours, ate lots of delicious food, and spent some quality time with each other. 

Saying goodbye was awful.  I HATE goodbyes.  It was hard to drop her off at the airport.  I may have shed a tear or two, but thank heavens for Skype.  

I love my mom and was so happy she came!  I look forward to many more visits from my mama.

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  1. How fun to have your mom come visit! Let me tell ya, saying goodbye is the hardest thing ever! I hate it too!! I can definitely relate. :) I remember the good ole days when we would travel with our mom's to all the dance competitions. fun times for sure!