Sunday, November 27


Oh how I look forward to Thanksgiving every year.  I love everything about Thanksgiving Day from the football to the food.  This year definitely did not disappoint.  Our day started out with the boys in our ward playing flag football.  GiGi and I went to support our favorite guy.  Afterwards we went to our house and made ebelskivers.  It was a nice way to kick the day off.   

We enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving feast at Tyson's parents house.  Of course, my favorite part was indulging in pie.

After a fantastic meal Tyson and I headed home to set up Christmas.  Around 9:40 pm I decided I would venture out and see what this Black Friday hype was all about.  I went with Tyson's mom and sister to a few stores until one or so, went home and slept for a few hours, and then Tyson and I headed out on an adventure of our own.  We got in line at JOANNS at 5:30 am, in order to get a steal of a deal on a pre-lit Christmas tree.  We then spent the next five hours shopping till we dropped.  Let's just say we experienced a shopping hangover afterwards.  I am not sure I will ever do that again.

All in all Thanksgiving was wonderful.  You just can't beat good food, shopping, and football all crammed into one day.

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  1. Black Friday shopping is soo fun!! Glad you found some good deals!!! Sounds like you guys had a fun Thanksgiving!!! Gorgeous family picture, you always look so perfect!!!