Tuesday, November 22

This Weekend

There are not many things I love more than weekends.  The greatest thing about weekends, is having no agenda.  Tyson and I get in the car and find ourselves across town.  We are either walking through model homes or at Costco.  Two of our favorite things to do together... I know we are not hard to please.  

The weather was delightful this weekend.  On our way to Trader Joe's we spotted this beautiful patch of leaves.  I couldn't help but bust out the iPhone and snap a photo of the pup.  

Those big brown eyes, get me every time.

We found the perfect park to let GiGi run around wild.

We also stepped onto our lot for the first time.  

That is right, we are building a new house.  

We can't wait!!!!  

I am already counting down the hours until our Thanksgiving weekend!

Hip Hip Hooray for weekends.

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