Sunday, March 18

Another Week

Nothing especially big or important happened this week, yet I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I have finally started working out again, which could explain the extra energy.  It has felt so good to get back into a groove.  I have loved going to my spin class and teaching my Zumba class.  I even found myself on the treadmill this week.  Tyson and I have been living with his parents, which means delicious home cooked meals for us.  On nights when his parents aren't home we eat out, which is no problem for me.  This week included Pane Pronto, Yardhouse, Yosemite Ranch, Fullobull, and good old Taco Bell.  

It rained this week.  It rarely rains in Clovis.  I love when it rains because it clears out all the smog and leaves behind beautiful skies filled with fluffy clouds.  

Tyson brought me home four boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  I already devoured the entire box of Samoa's... can I still call them that?  I seriously look forward to this day all year long.

I took a trip to Trader Joe's to stock up on some of my favorite treats.  I am literally obsessed with everything this store has to offer.  This is one thing that California may have on Utah.  

I brushed and brushed our little girl.  She is one shaggy dog.  I made her a hair appointment finally.  

Our house is making tremendous progress.  It's crazy how quickly our house is coming together.  The cabinets, paint, tile, and carpet are going in this week.  We may or may not drive by our house every day.  We love it and cannot wait to move in.

While we did not end up going to LA this weekend, we enjoyed getting the little things done.  I finally cleaned out my car, straightened up my room and helped family paint their house. 

 I am looking forward to a new week and cannot wait to see the Hunger Games.  I will be at the midnight movie!  

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