Saturday, March 31

Gone Fish'n

Tyson found out my little brother Tate was coming to California, for a large mouth bass fishing tournament.  Being the sweetheart he is, he booked us a hotel room and before I knew it we were on our way.  Since moving away from home, I really cherish every second I get to spend with my family.  

Tate is not any ordinary fisherman, he is legit, so when I found out he joined the UVU Bass Fishing Team, I was not surprised. 

I will never forget all those years growing up hearing Tate sing and talk about fishing.  He would get on his bike and ride all the way to Deer Creek to fish.  His idea of watching a good movie was watching a fishing show.

We went and got ice cream and then hung out in his hotel room while he and his teammates got their poles ready for the tournament.  Tyson and I had no idea what they were talking about when it came to their lures and rods.  Apparently fishing is like golf, you don't use the same pole the entire day. 

The next morning we woke up at 5:30 AM to watch the send off.  We were all disappointed once we got their because Tate wasn't able to compete.  I guess he was on the waiting list to compete and all of the other teams ended up showing up. It was a major bummer.

I was happy we were able to spend some extra time with him since he wasn't competing for the day.  We ended up going to breakfast with his coach and teammate.  We went to this fantastic breakfast spot.  They had the most delicious sweet cream pancakes I have ever had.  The servings were enormous.  

Tate's teammate bet him $5 to eat his entire plate, without any hesitation he devoured the plate.  The picture below is my half portion.  You can only imagine how much food he ate. 

 After breakfast we headed back home.  It was a short trip but well worth every minute.  I love my brother to pieces and am so grateful I have a thoughtful husband who orchestrated this weekend getaway.  

Poor Tyson was spent. As soon as we got home he crashed.  


  1. How fun... And I did not know Tate was such an avid fisherman--but how awesome that he is on the UVU Bass fishing team.. haha and that they even have a fishing team! love it!

  2. How fun!!! I didn't even know they had a fishing team, that is awesome! I saw that food from Black Bear Diner, that place is soooo yummy!!! We have one by our house, we love it!!! I can't believe how much food they give you, gosh I would pay your brother 5.00 too for eating all of that too, that is impressive!