Sunday, March 18


I tend to miss my family a lot, even more so on Sundays.  I started thinking just how lucky I was to be blessed with three amazing brothers.  I loved growing up with my crazy brothers.  They are three of the most talented, hard working, and handsome boys I know.


Growing up, I don't think my brother liked me much.  We are less than two years apart and went to the same schools at the same time.  I was always sad when that one year would come and we would be separated while he got to go to Junior High and then to High School, while I was left behind.  Nick always picked on me, but that's what big brothers are for.  I always thought I would get married before him or at least have kids before him.  To my surprise he was married years before me and has two beautiful kids with another on the way.  Nick has turned into an amazing man.  He is a wonderful husband and father.  His kids adore him.  I love watching the special bond he has with each child.  He shares with them all of his hobbies.  He takes them fishing, hunting, camping, and to rodeos.  I don't know if there is anything my brother is afraid of, whether it comes to riding a bull, or jumping off some crazy cliff.  He defiantly has a sweet side that he likes to disguise.  He has a love just like my dad did for motorcycles.  Nick would give his shirt off his back to anyone.  He picked up the art of taxidermy on his own.  His work is fantastic.  I truly love Nick and am grateful he is my big brother.  I know that he would do anything for me.


This kid is hilarious.  I don't know anyone who could make me laugh harder or bring tears to my eyes in an instance other than Tate.  I look forward to listening to the messages he leaves on my phone.  I save them all.  He has a million and one personalities that he can imitate.  He dances goofier than anyone I have ever seen.  I love that he calls to check on me.  He is smarter than he knows and never gives himself enough credit.  He is always the one to call when I have done something dumb to my car.  He can fix anything.  He is one mighty fine handyman.  Tate can sew.  Yes, this is true.  He has his own sweater company.  I see so much of my dad in him.  They laugh the same, talk the same, and even sneeze the same.  I admire the way he is such a hard worker.  Tate and I share the same love for Sizzler.  I love seeing the man he is turning into.  I love the times he has asked me for advice.  Tate and I can talk for hours and hours.  He is going places in life.  Some girl is going to be very lucky one day.  


My baby brother has a special place in my heart.  Josh has been my little buddy since he was born.  I would pretend that he was mine.  I didn't even mind changing his diaper.  He has hands just like my dad.  He lets me hold his hands anytime I miss my dad.  He has the sweetest personality and spirit.  He has already finished the Book of Mormon, which is huge in my eyes.  He has great hair.  This one has no fear either.  I remember watching him do a back flip on his bike.  I about passed out.  Josh rubs my feet whenever I ask him too.  This is truly the way to my heart.  Josh is the sweet one of the family.  I love how he takes care of my mom.  I still can't believe he is taller than me and is going to be a Senior next year.  I want him to stop growing.  He is always out with his friends building ramps for their bikes or snowboards.  I love watching him play football.  He is one determined boy.  I cannot wait to watch him play football this year.  He is going to grow into one fine young man.

I absolutely adore my brothers.  Each one of them are so different, but that is what makes it great.  They were all so protective of me when it came to dating.  I am so happy they love my husband and all get along with him so well.  

Leave it to them to brake though the barriers at Soldier Hollow every year.  We are lucky they let us come back.  What can I say, they are the Brown brothers.  

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