Wednesday, August 15

What Not To Say

A Few Helpful Hints On What Not To Say To A Pregnant Lady

-Look at your ghetto booty

-Maybe I didn't recognize you because your face has gotten wider
-Move it fatty
-Hey chubby
-Wow your feet
-Look at your ghetto booty
-Are you on a regular exercise plan
-You better start using stretch mark cream

If you can't tell already, I have been told by one to many people that I am large.  I have seriously wanted to slap a couple of  people.  Maybe, a time or two I have noticed a little weight gain on someone, but never would I flat out tell them.  There are some things that you should just keep to yourself.

Sometimes I want to cry other times I want to laugh.  Yes, maybe I had to get maternity jeans a lot earlier than most other women and I might have even grown out of them.  But I can say, I have a healthy baby girl growing inside of me and that is all that matters.

Thank heavens I have a darling husband who loves my new curves and makes me feel more beautiful than ever.  He has even let me spend countless dollars on maternity clothes, even though I know that is the last thing he would like to be spending our money on.  One of my sister-in-laws took me shopping.  She was kind enough and knew how much I needed maternity clothes.  This was one of the kindest acts anyone has ever done for me.

I now have sympathy for pregnant women.  I can understand why they waddle, why they NEED the AC blasting and why sleeping with a million pillows is totally normal.

So if you see a prego, take my advice and leave out the fat jokes.  There are a few situations in life where I think it is totally okay to lie.  I realize I am hormonal and most people have good intentions but the feelings are still real.

If you are pregnant or become pregnant you deserve to pamper yourself.  A warm bath, massage, pedicure, your favorite meal, a good show or book are what I have found help.  For goodness sakes you are growing a human inside of you.  I have to remind myself of that daily!


  1. People are always so "helpful" when it comes to adivce about being pregnant! I remember one random lady at work said to me. "oh, you must be having a boy because your nose is very wide." Uhmmmm...???? Really?! Janessa you look beautiful and I can't wait to see your little girl! Hang in there, enjoy your pregnancy it goes so fast!

  2. Oh I have plenty of fat joke comments from when I was prego. I got asked on several occasions if I was "sure theres not more than one in there". So annoying!! But oh well, I survived and that beautiful baby is going to be sooo worth it, believe me!

  3. You are beautiful sister!! You have such a good attitude and outlook on things. I love you!

  4. This cracks me up because I've heard them all, plus more, but I keep thinking - man if Janessa looks big pregnant (which I'm positive you do not), I must look like a WHALE when I'm pregnant (and I totally do!)

  5. Janessa you look absolutely beautiful! Being pregnant is one of the hardest and most amazing things that you will ever do.

  6. People said those things to you??? Are you kidding?? They must be blind... I totally heard all those things when I was pregnant, but I really was HUGE... You look tiny in every picture I have seen, I forget you are pregnant even because you can't tell!