Monday, September 24

Up To Date

Come Wednesday I will be on the single digit count down for baby girl.  I can' tell you how thrilled I am about this.  My stomach has really started to show, even though I feel like it has shown since day one.  Baby is measuring right to date.  My belly button is still in place and no stretch marks.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

This past weekend Tyson took my to my favorite Maternity Store and let me pick out some new tops and pants.  I can't tell you how great this made me feel.  There is nothing like having clothes that fit correctly.  Baby girl is getting so strong.  Tyson and I get a kick out of watching my belly squirm up and down and all around.  I finally got a prescription to help me with my acid reflux.  It has been a dream come true.  Besides the bathroom breaks, I am sleeping like a baby through the night, however my dreams are another story.

My poor feet and ankles are still swollen like nothing else.  Tyson took me to get some new shoes.  We ended up having to get me a size and a half bigger than usual.  I sure hope my feet shrink back.  I have too many cute shoes that I will miss.  

Tyson has been working non-stop on the dresser for the nursery.  We were on a deadline thinking that he was going to be having shoulder surgery today.  Our prayers were answered and he ended up not needing the surgery.

He has been working so hard all around the house.  I don't know what I would do without him!

It is FINALLY fall!

I have been going nuts around my house.  I may have even jumped the gun on putting up all of my Halloween decorations.  I have been burning my fall scented candles and have been stocking up on candy corn and pumpkins.  I treated my front door to a fall wreath.  I have already made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and will be purchasing heaps of apples for my apple crisp.  Stay tuned for the recipe.

Tyson's best friend's little boy arrived this past week.  We were lucky enough to go over to their house and snuggle on him.  I couldn't get over how sweet and perfect he was.  There is nothing like a new born babe.  I became overwhelmingly ecstatic for our baby.  Watching Tyson hold little Cash made my heart melt a hundred fold.  I'm pretty sure he is going to be the greatest daddy around.  

We are going to register tonight for my upcoming showers.  Any thoughts on the must haves for the first baby?  We are clueless.

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  1. I love my boppy..I didnt even really want one but both me and Sam use it all the time! Also there are these bags you put in the micro to sterilize binkys or bottles or whatever..they're so nice when you are short on time! Munchkin makes them. And last but not least, a nightlight. It really sucks turning on the big light at 2am! :) Good luck with everything!