Sunday, January 6

A Name & A Blessing

Tyson gave Penelope the sweetest baby blessing.  She was blessed in my moms house.  We had originally planned on having her blessed the Sunday prior, in my moms ward, but due to her hospital stay, we decided it would be best to have her blessed in a home rather than a church.

Penelope wore not only my blessing dress, but my moms.  She wore my moms shoes from when she was a baby and was wrapped in a blanket that my mom crocheted for her.  She looked like an angel and slept like one, through the entire blessing.

It was Penelope's special day and Tyson made sure she knew.  He brought her home a dozen salmon colored roses.

It was wonderful having all of the support from family and friends.  We definitely appreciated those that were able to make the last minute blessing happen.  It was such a special evening where the spirit resided.  I am again grateful for the priesthood and that I have a husband who honors and cherishes it.

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  1. so sweet, she looked absolutely beautiful!!!! i still can't get over how amazing you look!!! what cute pictures:)