Sunday, January 13

Home For The Holidays

We just returned home from a crazy two weeks in Heber.  Nothing went as planned, but we ended up making the best of the situation.  We were so excited to arrive to my mom's house.  Prior to our arrival every time I talked to my mom she was baking something in the kitchen.  She had a huge platter of every kind of Christmas cookie and candy you could image.  There was fudge, toffee, candy cane cookies, sugar cookies, lemon bars, and my favorite thumb print cookies. 

There really is nothing like walking through the doors of my mom's house.  She always does the perfect job of having everything ready for our stay.  She even had a cheese ball waiting for us in the fridge.  

I LOVE Utah winters.  Some may think I am crazy, but that is what I look forward to.  I love the snow and I really love bundling up in my winter clothes.  They don't really get much use with us living in California.

We hit a tiny snow storm on our way into town.  Our poor car barley made it up Provo Canyon.  Other than that there wasn't much snow.  We were kind of disappointed. 

GiGi loved every second of the snow.  She isn't one to go outside and play on her own, but with the snow, things quickly changed.  She would run around and roll in the snow all day if we let her.

We were excited to bundle up Penelope in her warm snow outfit.  She looked so cute and warm inside of her car seat.  We even bought a special car seat warmer.  She was in heaven to say the least. 

We got to see my mom at work a couple of times because of Penelope's oxygen monitoring.  

We loved spending time with our niece and nephews.  They are all so adorable.  Tyson and I got them the cutest pajamas.  We couldn't wait for them to open them.  My brother Nick even approved.  

Penelope and Jax look so similar.  You can defiantly tell they are cousins.  Jax is one of the happiest babies I know.  His smile sure did melt my heart.  It's always bittersweet seeing my niece and nephews because I know the next time I see them, they will be so much bigger.  

I'm so happy Penelope will have a cousin that is her same age. 

We got family pictures taken while we were there.  It is a rare occasion that we have our entire family together.  It had been five years since our last one.  This will be last one before my brother in law Jordan gets deployed again and my little brother Josh goes on a mission.  I can't believe how much our family has changed in the past five years.  Who knows how many new additions we will have in the next family photo.  As much as I dislike family pictures, I am always excited for an excuse for a new outfit.

Tyson and I didn't get out much, seeing as we had a sick baby, but we did manage to sneak down to City Creek for a couple of hours.  I had Penelope bundled up close to me in her wrap.  I don't know who loved it more her or myself.  I felt like I was pregnant again for a minute.

I had two gift cards to Sephora, so of course I had to do some damage.  I love buying new makeup.  I would call it a slight obsession.

We spent lots of time down in my mom's basement watching TV and watching the boys play Nintendo.  Tyson was in heaven, to say the least.

I love watching Tyson interact with my brothers.  They look up to him so much and I think it is the sweetest thing.  They always get him to laugh and pull him out of his comfort zone.  They showed us some really funny Youtube videos.  

Tyson spent a lot of time playing basketball at the Rec. Center with Josh and even got in a game with Tate and the Singles Ward.  Tate even took him sledding at Soldier Hollow with the Singles Ward.  

I spent most of my time snuggling Penelope.  It was so nice to have her without oxygen.  As Doctor Dave said, "You now have a cordless baby."

We walked through the most gorgeous model home with my mom.  I begged and pleaded with Tyson to move me back and build me this home.  I love walking through model homes and dreaming.  

I swear I gained a thousand pounds while trying to squeeze in all my favorite restaurants.  No joke we went to Dairy Keen, Cafe Rio, Trio, Noodles N' Company, Rumbi, Paradise Bakery, Ruby Snaps Cookies, Tony's Taco's, The Galleria, Tarahumara, The Sweet Tooth Fairy and Kneaders.

If you have never tried The Sweet Tooth Fairy you must go.  They won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.  Their cake bites are to die for.  I went twice and stocked up.  You can even have them mailed to your house.  I am feeling a little hint for Valentine's Day.

It is always hard saying goodbye to these beautiful mountains.  

On a positive note I do love our way out because we stop at Cafe Rio and Nielsons Frozen Custard in St. George.  It is the perfect combo.

Penelope was a dream on the way home.  It was so nice being able to tell she could breathe.  She slept most of the way.

As much as I hate saying goodbye to all of my family, I always look forward to coming home and getting my house organized and getting back to a normal schedule.  

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