Saturday, January 12

2 Months

Dear Penelope,

You are getting bigger by the minute.  You are now wearing 3 month clothing and have completely grown out of your newborn diapers.  I have already had to box up some of your clothes.  It is totally breaking my heart.  You have lost the newborn look and have now taken on the chubby baby face stage.  Your cheeks are to die for.  They rest perfectly on your chest, especially when you are sleeping.  You have learned how to coo.  If you are not sleeping you are talking away.  Your dad is your favorite person.  The second you see him or hear his voice you smile.  You are such a happy baby.  You are constantly smiling, even when you are nursing and sleeping.  You are now sleeping almost six hours straight through the night.  This has made your mama a pretty happy lady.  You went through a lot this past month.  You rode in an ambulance, stayed in the hospital, got pricked and prodded, contracted RSV, had a collapsed lung, and it was discovered you have a heart murmur.  Through all of the hard times you smile and melt our hearts.  You are so strong and are such a fighter.  You love taking a bath with your mama and showers with your dad.  We started out doing them because you were so congested, but seeing how much you loved it, we have continued.  You still can't get enough of your binky, however, you only like a specific brand, which makes it hard when we can't find one.  Your eyes have stayed blue and we are keeping our fingers crossed they stay that way.  You still like to be swaddled for bed.  Your neck is getting so strong.  Your hair cracks us up.  You have little sprouts of long pieces of hair on top and you have a thick patch on the back.  It is totally adorable.  We love you so much baby girl and feel so blessed to be your parents.  You have taught us so much over the past month and have helped increase our testimonies.


your mama and papa


Height: 21 1/2''

Weight: 11 lbs. 2 oz

Head Circumference: 37 cm

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