Sunday, January 6


We had high hopes of Penelope getting out of the hospital on New Year's Eve, bags were packed and plans were made, that was until we had a scare.  We were told that Penelope had a heart murmur and it didn't sound like one of the normal ones that some babies have.  Different doctors had heard it on and off on our stay, but after the head Pediatrician listened, he was certain she had one.  

We were advised to get an echocardiogram done, that way they could be certain of the severity of the murmur.  The doctor said it was something we could get done in California, but told us because of convenience we might as well get it done while we were at Primary's.  So Tyson and I decided to stay one more night to make sure everything was okay with our baby.  

We had high hopes of getting out of there early in the morning, as time passed it didn't seem we would ever get out of there.  It turns out all of the cardiologists had the day off, seeing as it was New Years.  The nurses kept telling us they were trying to get ahold of someone.  To this point I had done a pretty good job at holding myself together.  I was so anxious to get out of Primary's, but I was also so nervous about Penelope's little heart.  I wanted everything to be okay.

I had a melt down and said a little prayer that they would be able to get ahold of a cardiologist.  As soon as I was done saying the prayer Penelope looked at me with her beautiful eyes and gave me a grin.

She was letting me know that she was alright and that everything would be okay.  Tyson came back from lunch and we decided to again say another prayer that things would work out, not minutes later the nurse came in and told us it was time for the echocardiogram.

I felt more at peace as we walked Penelope to get her ultrasound done.  It was incredible seeing her little heart beat and watching it work.  It reminded me of when I heard her little heart beat for the first time.  There is just something so amazing about that sound.

Typically on a echocardiogram they have to sedate the babies, but because of Penelope's condition they thought it would not be best.  We again prayed that she would hold still, so they could get the pictures they needed for the cardiologist to read.  I can testify that our prayers were heard and answered this day.  Penelope held so still and was able to have the procedure done in less than thirty minutes. 

We got back to our room and waited for the news.  About and hour later the resident doctor came in and told us that Penelope had a tiny hole in heart but was sure it would close up.  We have to have it monitored and if by the age of two if it is not closed up, than they will have to do something about it.  

We were so relieved that it was nothing worse.  My heart couldn't handle anymore.  After we got the results it was finally time to say goodbye.  It was a bittersweet moment as we walked out of the hospital.  We were so overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing care that Penelope received and for the tender mercies that we experienced.  

We had to take Penelope home on oxygen but it was such a small amount we felt comfortable.

I don't think Tyson and I could have been more happy to say goodbye to our little bed we had been sleeping on for our five night stay.  

We definitely learned we have one strong baby girl!

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  1. i remember that same exact thing happened to mado our first time staying there for a week, we were already to go home and they heard the same thing on him... we were so scared, but after all the tests they thought it would close on it's own.. I hate saying i know how you felt, because everyone is different, but reading these brought back so many memories. You seem to handle it all much better than i did, you are such a great example to me, so thank you!!!!