Wednesday, December 3

Bye Bye Mullet

Although P does not have much hair, she was starting to grow a mean mullet.  It was finally time to say adios.  Lucky for all of us, Tyson's sister Cara cuts hair.  She is amazing and takes such good care of us.  She's always making sure we look our best.  

P was excited going into the hair cut, but instantly feared for her life as soon as she saw the scissors.  I think she was still a bit traumatized from the ear piercing fiasco.
^^^ Grandma pulled out what candy she could find in her purse.  It helped for a moment. ^^^
^^^ Poor baby!  Not even frozen could get her to calm down. ^^^
 Once the cape came off and P got to play with aunt Cara's makeup she was a little more calm. 
 ^^^ She loved getting her hair sprayed. ^^^
^^^ P decided Cara needed her hair styled as well. ^^^
 ^^^ The back of her hair looks so much fuller now. ^^^
Afterwards we took P to pick out a tutu and dance shoes, for Christmas.  It was honestly one of the best moments ever.  She totally forgot about the hair cut.

Thanks Cara you are the BEST!!!!
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  1. so cute! I still can't bring myself to cut Clara's- you're giving me the courage!