Friday, December 19

Holiday Happenings

This past month has bit nothing short of a whirlwind.  Between photo shoots, baking, Christmas shopping, parties, addressing Christmas cards and nursing a baby, I am well spent.  All of the hustle and bustle has ultimately been worth the stress and near to nothing sleep at night.  This poor little blog of mine has taken a backseat, but no worries we are back and ready to get caught up on all of our holiday happenings.  Thank heavens for my phone, I have had no desire to whip out my big girl camera.  I am happy to report that all of my shopping is done, presents are mostly wrapped and I am all caught up on editing, until after the holidays and not to mention, the laundry is done!  This past week I have been able to kick back and really enjoy the season. 

Here is a look back at what we have been up to around here.
 ^^^ P found the most darling flocked hot pink Christmas Tree.  If it wasn't for that pretty little price tag, I think we could have convinced daddy to bring it home.  Maybe next year.... ^^^
 ^^^ My mother-in-law asked if I could recreate a Christmas saying for her mantle.  I did my best and this was the outcome. ^^^
 ^^^ These two girls have my whole heart.  I about melted witnessing these two together.  It brought back all sorts of memories with my siblings, when we were younger. ^^^
 ^^^ I have been on a Gilmore Girls marathon every night.  It's the best way I found to wind down.  I have loved sitting on our new couch with Lucy in my arms, fire burning, and a holiday treat close by.  So much for getting rid of that baby weight, the neighbor gifts have been too good to pass up. ^^^
 ^^^ Thanks heavens for my gym buddy and my Zumba class.  They have gotten me to the gym this month.  A couple of my girls friends got together and we attended a Toys for Tots boot camp.  It was actually a lot of fun and totally worth the achy muscles.  I think it had been over a year since I had run last and all for a great cause. ^^^
^^^P and I have been baking away in the kitchen.  We made triple berry cobbler one evening and had Tyson's family over to enjoy.  I love warm crumbly crust and cold vanilla ice cream.  The combo is about the best thing out there. ^^^
 ^^^ I have been living in my sweater leggings that were gifted to me at a favorite things party.  They are amazing and keep me extra toasty.  If you stop by my house, you will be sure to see me sporting these bad girls. ^^^
 ^^^ I baked seven batches of sugar cookies in a three day stent.  It was totally exhausting but oh so fun.  Sometimes I questions why I do this every year, but then to hear and see the joy in our friends and neighbors make it totally wroth it all. ^^^
^^^ The final production. ^^^
 ^^^ We attended our ward Christmas party.  Penelope was a little unsure of Santa, as soon as he whipped out his candy canes, she was all his.  I am obsessed with Santa pics and those girls of mine. ^^^
 ^^^ My friends Jen and Emily hosted yet another amazing friends Christmas party.  They literally rolled out the red carpet for us.  The food, decorations and company were amazing. They went with an old Hollywood theme.  It was so fun to see what each couple came up with.^^^
 ^^^ Our friends the Goode's traveled from Utah, just to attend the party.  We sure love them and had some awesome memories made over the weekend.  We had them over for a game night and still can't get over all the laughs that were shared. ^^^
 ^^^ Mollasses cookies are our new thing over here.  The dough itself has me dreaming. ^^^
 ^^^ Some of my girl friends came over one evening so we could wrap our Christmas gifts.  I can't remember who came up with the brilliant idea, but it was a much needed girls night in, all while being super productive.  It was a win win and will definitely be a new tradition to carry out, for years to come.  I don't think any of us got to bed, until after 1.  ^^^
It's been crazy fun and we are just counting down the days until Christmas.  All of the magic of Christmas has come back ten fold, with little ones in the house.  I cannot wait for Christmas morning to roll around, I can only picture P's expression when she see's what Santa has brought her.  There is still Christmas caroling, our family progressive dinner, 12 days of Christmas to deliver and much more baking to come.  But most of all I am looking forward to donating our time and goods to some families in need.  It's in the moments where I slow down and reflect on what this time of year is really about, that I am overcome with peace and joy. 
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  1. How do you host a favorite things party? Your girls are adorable.

  2. where did you find that pink flocked tree?????