Tuesday, December 9

Penelope's First Dance Class

I grew up spending hours upon hours at the dance studio.  I may have spent more time there than my own home.  I learned how to have confidence, that hard work pays off, practice makes perfect and how to push myself harder than I thought possible.  I believe that I am who I am today because of the life lessons I learned in dance.  Dancing on a stage and feeling the warmth of the lights touch my skin, is a feeling I will never forget and miss often.  

As soon as I found out they have a dance studio in Fresno, that offers a class for two years, I jumped in the car as fast as I could and signed P up.  You can only imagine the smile that couldn't be wiped off of my face, as I watched my little girl twirling in her purple tutu and tapping her little feet.  She's a natural if you ask me.  She follows the teachers directions so well.  

They have already started working on their recital piece and I got a glimpse of her costume today.  To say I am excited is an enormous understatement.  Can you even imagine little two year olds up on stage with their little teddy bears in matching tutu's.  June couldn't come quick enough!
I was able to sneak in and grab a couple of photos.
I can't wait for the memories that will take place in that studio.  P is already asking for MORE! 

Here's to the many years of dance to come!!!!
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