Friday, December 31

2010 Highlights

2010 has been a year of change for me.  It has taught me much about patience, prayer, faith, and the importance of family.  I have been blessed with many experience that have given me strength and hope.  It has been incredible to have Tyson by my side.  Here are a few of the highlights that took place in 2010.

I was able to take Tyson to Arizona with me, to meet my Brown side of the family.  It was so neat to have him meet my aunts, uncles, cousins, and especially my Grandmother.  She is the only grandparent that I have that is still living.  Tyson learned how to make fry bread and was there to hear me tell my grandma that I graduated college, a promise that I made to her at my fathers funeral.

We became humbled as always as we felt of the generosity and love for us.  I was so happy Tyson was able to see a part of my life that no one else has.

A couple of weeks before we were married Tyson and I were able to take a trip to Tennessee with his family.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  It is also the place where my father served his mission.  Tyson rented us this awesome car.  We couldn't stop laughing every time we got into it.  We also both got our first pair of cowboy boots while visiting here.

Cortney and I planned a 50th Birthday party for my mom.  It was so neat to have her be surrounded by all of her loved ones and friends.  I loved having a day just for her to know how special she is to all of us.

One of the best and most life changing moments of this year was getting married on May 19th to my best friend.  


The Draper Temple will forever be one of my favorite places.  

Tyson took me to Hawaii.  This has always been on my wish list of places to visit. 

We swam with sharks, rode horses on the beach, ate the best snow cone and pancakes ever, and started our life together.

I don't have any pictures but one of the hardest changes I made this year was moving to California.  Words can't describe how my heart ached at times to be in Utah.  I missed my family and friends.  But as the year went by I have learned to love California.

Another trip that I loved was visiting San Francisco.  The food was amazing.

I can't wait to go back and visit.

I was able to attend the Parker/Cleveland Reunion at New Port Beach.

I had a blast and was able to really bond with Tyson's family.

I will never forget the moment my mom called me and Tyson to tell us that Kiersten had been in a roll over accident.  I immediately got on a plane and spent five days in the hospital by my sisters side.

Watching her walk brought tears to my eyes.  She taught me how to be strong and to never give up, no matter what happens.  This experience taught me how fragile life is and to never take any day or anyone for granted. 

Tyson made the ultimate sacrifice and took me camping not once but twice this summer.

We made tinfoil dinners and talked by the campfire.

A huge moment for us was purchasing our first home.  There is nothing like having our own little home sweet home.

I loved having my mom and brother Tate came down for a visit.  It was wonderful having my family in California with us.

Last but not least coming home to Utah to spend Christmas with my family and meeting our new nephew.

I will never forget 2010 and the memories that were made.

Happy New Years!

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