Friday, December 3

Doesn't Matter If You're Black Or White

While I am very well aware that I am half indian thank you, my skin still turns white.  I unlike my other siblings was not blessed with all year round tan colored, gorgeous skin.  My skin color may not be the white that some are used to but in my world I have turned myself into a pasty mess.  I have not always been this creamy white milky color, at times I have been pretty darn dark.

But lately I have been all sorts of paranoid with the talk of skin cancer and all the effects the sun/tanning beds have on the epidermis.  So like many, I have taken a vow to no longer enter into the oh so lovely tanning beds.  In the past I wouldn't call myself and avid fake baker, but I have had my fair share of time and money spent in those toaster ovens.  The results of taking this vow are clear.......

I am starting to feel like the hubby and I are starting to look somewhat similar to the one and only Edward and Bella.

At least our skin will not turn out looking something like this.

Now I'm not saying I am going to avoid the sun all together.  I am just going to be a little more conscientious.  There is nothing like a little natural Vitamin D.  


  1. ah! That last picture is just gross! Why pay for skin cancer when you can go to the beach and get it for free?

  2. You are BEAUTIFUL either way, you still look tan to me:) That last picture is hilarious... sooo nasty