Sunday, December 26

Our First Christmas

This Christmas season has been super busy.  I have been working three jobs and Tyson has been working hard at the office and on the house.  Some how we managed to squeeze in a little holiday cheer.

We attended two ugly sweater parties.  It was so much fun to dress up in our hideous attire.  Tyson did a great job of picking out our sweaters at the one and only Walmart.  

I attended my first Parker Christmas progressive dinner.  Each aunt and uncle host one course at their home.  It was beyond delicious.  We started out the night with appetizers and meeting our new cousins baby.  I was stuffed after the first house.

I of course had to document the night in front of each houses Christmas Tree.  They were all so beautiful.  

The salads were incredibly tasty. 

 The main course was yummy white chili soup.

Dessert was delicious.  We had our favorite crepes smothered in Nutella and strawberries.  

While I was at work on Christmas Eve I received the best Christmas present I could have asked for, I was not on the schedule for the following week!  I immediately called Tyson while he was golfing.  I yelled, "We can go home to Utah for Christmas." Previous to this incident we did not think this was going to be possible as I was hired for seasonal help.  The rest of my day I was on cloud nine.  
Later that evening we attended Grandpa and Nanny Parkers home.  We had a delicious prime rib dinner, sang Christmas carols, and opened gifts.  

Christmas morning was better than I could have ever imagined.  It was special to have our first Christmas together and in our new home.  We opened gifts and then went over to my sister-in-law Jana's house for breakfast.  

We then proceeded to get beyond spoiled by Tyson's parents.  One of my favorite parts of the day was when we exchanged sibling gifts and had to say something nice about each other.  I of course was in tears.  Tyson's family is so amazing and I feel so blessed to be part of their family.  

We all went in on this canvas painting of us at Newport Beach for the parentals.  They loved it!

We then Skyped my family.  They had no idea we were coming to Utah.  We watched my mom open her gifts from us and then told the entire family to get together because we wanted to tell them about their last gift.  I told them no we are not having a baby, but we are coming to Utah today.  A couple of us were in tears.  We were so EXCITED!  
We arrived late Christmas night and to our surprise everyone was awake waiting for us.  We stayed awake till three in the morning catching up.  This is very unlike my family.
The best was meeting our new nephew!

It has been the best Christmas.  I was spoiled by my sweet husband and family.  There is no better gift than being together as a family.

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  1. Wow, what a fun Christmas! How lucky you are to be part of such a fun family. So glad you got to make it to Utah!