Sunday, June 22

19 Months

Dear Penelope -

You are growing up to be so big and strong!  You have taken off in the growth department.  It has been so much fun to watch you learn and grow over this past month.  You mimic everything I do.  It is sometimes scary.  I can only hope and pray I am teaching you the good things of life.  You are such a great helper.  Each time I change your diaper, you can't wait to take it to the trash can.  Wiping and cleaning the floor has become your new obsession.... I wonder where you get that from.  You are a total ham when it comes to meeting new people.  You put on that most adorable smile and make sure to show off your monkey sound and that big belly of yours, by sucking it in and out, as fast as you can.  You have discovered the new found freedom of feeding yourself.  Each morning you want to be left alone to watch a show, while you eat your yogurt or oatmeal.  Books and baby dolls are your favorite toys.  You bring me book after book and how can I refuse to read them to you.  You know each and everyone and have a special dance and sound for each one.  You are always wiping your baby or trying to feed her your food.  I seriously cannot wait to watch you with your new baby sister.  Each time I ask you where your baby is, you point to my belly blow on it and give it the best kisses.  Having a bow on your head at all times has become a necessity.  You pat your head over and over again if yours has gone missing.  I have tried clipping a bow in, but you prefer the headband.  Swimming lessons have become the highlight of your week.  As soon as we pull up you scream, because you know what's coming.  You have absolutely no fear of the water whatsoever.  I'm pretty sure you will be swimming in no time.  You love your Peek A Boo apps on daddy's iPad.  It's so fun hearing you repeat the words that are said.  Your favorite animal sounds to make currently are moo and oink.  Each time we pass the cows on Shepherd, you give them a moo and quick wave. 

Over the past few months you have become much more clingy to me and your papa.  Nursery is getting more and more difficult.  I'm not really sure what to do.  Hopefully time will work in our favor and you will be running to nursery.  You still enjoy going to the gym and your My Gym classes.  You are an active little girl who keeps us on going.  You test our patience and push our limits, but in the end leave us feeling more love than we ever thought possible.  Your determination and strong will are going to take you far in this life.  We are  your biggest fans and love watching you learn and grow.  You brighten our lives and add so much joy.  


Mama & Papa

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