Sunday, June 22

29 Weeks

^^^ 26 weeks ^^^

^^^ 28 1/2 weeks ^^^

Craving - I have finally kicked the bucket on my fast food cravings.  It sounded so good for so long, but now all I crave are salads and fresh fruit.  I still crave chocolate like crazy.  Luckily we went to Cheesecake Factory this weekend and I got my S'mores cheesecake fix.  I have been munching on it for days now.  I also can't get enough water.  I usually struggle to drink any water, but recently I'm guzzling a bottle every chance I can get.
Sleep - has surprisingly been great.  I remember being so much more uncomfortable with P.  I am still only sleeping with one pillow and as long as I take my heart burn medication, I get a solid nights rest.
Movement - It has been fun over the past few weeks to notice the movement increase.  I am reminded often that I have a strong little girl growing inside of me.  I love being able to distinguish her little feet and hands.
Missing - Shaving, painting my toes and buckling my shoes has become much more difficult.  I have been trying to convince Tyson that it's time to get me another pair of Birkenstocks so I don't have to bend over to buckle my shoes.  Please Babe?!
Belly Button - Still hanging in there.  The Linea Nigra line has yet to make an appearance.  I swear I had it by now with P, but maybe this pregnancy it will remain a no go.  No complaints about that here.
Maternity Clothes - I feel like I have been wearing the same clothes day in and day out, so I decided to make a little trip to Destination Maternity.  It always feels so good to pick up a few new items.  I also purchased the Belly Bandit.  Will see if it works the miracles people swear by.
Stretch Marks - Skin is staying in tact so far.  My belly feels like it is getting huge though, so I'm not sure how much more it can take.
Swelling - I have only noticed swelling in my legs and ankles after sitting for a long period of time or getting over heated.  Usually I'm blasting my A/C or chasing my toddler around, so it doesn't happen often.  I strongly believe working out has made ALL the difference.
Symptoms - For some reason I get extreme anxiety my third trimester of pregnancy.  It's not very fun, but I have an amazing husband who helps ease the anxiety and a mom and sister who let me vent whenever needed.  Hopefully with moving into the new home this weekend a big weight will be lifted.
Overall Mood - Physically my body is holding up strong.  I am so grateful that this pregnancy has been sooo much easier.  My back has stayed in tact 100% and I couldn't be more thankful.  I remain in the same size of shoes and I can type without my hands cramping.  I can even eat chocolate before bed and not get woken up with severe acid reflux.
Looking forward to - Moving into our new house this weekend and having my mom come visit next week!
Highlight of the week - Thursday afternoon my mother-in-law took P to her My Gym class and the put her down for her nap, at her house.  This allowed me to make a Target run, grab some lunch, mop my floors, shower and straighten my hair.  I felt like a new woman.  I'm not sure she will ever know how much I needed that break and how much it meant to me.  

I can't believe I am almost in the single digits!
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