Friday, November 5

A Few Random Facts

Not to long ago I found myself highly disliking wallpaper, however I have changed my mind!  If it is done correctly it can make any room look fantastic and add the perfect touch that was missing.  I may be hesitant in putting it up immediately on my walls, but if I give it some time and find just the right one I think I will be happy.

In one of the model homes we were looking at they had put wallpaper on the ceiling.  It looked surprisingly terrific. 

I love this color scheme!

On a side-note I have found something else to add to my future wish list.  They are the most darling, stylish diaper bags around.  They are a line of adorable bags by Petunia Pickle Bottom.  You may wonder why I already want a diaper bag as to the fact that I am not having a baby any time soon, but once you see the price tag on these puppies you will know why.  If I start saving now I may just have one these bags latched over my shoulder in the near future.  

Like I said a few random facts that are floating around in my head.

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