Monday, November 15


I am always talking about wanting to become the most excellent cook around and want to be well know for all of my baked goods.  Recent events have taught me that sometimes my big mouth gets me into trouble..... You see my grandmother and mother have made what I think to be the most delicious pies and homemade pie crust every Thanksgiving since I can remember.  Being recently married I guess the torch was handed over to me unknowingly.  My mother-in-law asked me if I would bring the pies for Thanksgiving dinner.... huh.... no pressure... keep in mind only one other person is bringing pie!  Of course I said yes.... but I have never made a pie in my life!  The other minor problem is I have not had a kitchen to practice in.  All of our wedding gifts have been in storage since we got married.  So all of of this means I have less than two weeks to learn how to make a beautiful pie that looks something like this....

or something along these lines....

Good news is Tyson and I got the house so that means I will have my own personal kitchen to practice in.  No one has to know about the burnt pies or tough pie crust until Thanksgiving day.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be forced willingly into learning how to make pies.... I have always said I wanted to learn.  And like they say, "There is no better time, than the present."  I will continue to pray that my pies do not disappoint, otherwise I will be doing the shameful walk to Marie Calendars.


  1. we should totally throw a little pie get-together this weekend with all of the testers
    : )
    i'm sure you'll do GREAT!
    ps congrats on the house.
    sooo exciting

  2. I have to make pies too!!! Although, I don't think people expect too much out of mine! good luck learning!