Wednesday, December 19

2012 Highlights

What a year it has been.  It has all been a bit hazy, but I guess that is what pregnancy will do to you.  It has been one of the hardest but best years of my life.  This year has been a year of growth for me.  I have learned a lot of lessons, lessons of compassion, prayer, hope, kindness, and motherly love.

We started off the year by building our very first house.  It was such a fun process.  Picking out all of the colors was my favorite.

We celebrated Gigi's first birthday.

She even got her very own birthday cake.

We spent Valentine's Day with Grandma and Grandpa Cleveland.  It was such a special day, one that I will never forget.  

We said goodbye to our first house.  I cried a lot.  So many memories, even though we only lived there for a year.

We moved back into Tyson's parents house, while our house was being finished.  Thank goodness for their generosity.

Poor GiGi experienced her hair being shaved, for the first time.  We let her get a little matted.  I about died when I went to pick her up from the groomers.

My hair also got a face lift.  Cara put extensions in my hair, while I tried to grow out my pixie cute.

We went to Pismo Beach with our good friends Shaun and Brooke.

While living with Tyson's parents we found out we were pregnant again.  It came unexpectedly.  We were beyond thrilled.  I spent my time at Tyson's parents house sick in bed.  

We got the keys to our new house.  It has been so much fun to decorate.  Tyson worked hard on finishing the garage.

GiGi had to mark her territory at the house.

My mom and sister came to help us move in.  Kiersten brought her dog Cider.  Those two together were a handful.

Tyson and I ventured to one of my brother Tate's fishing tournaments.  It had been awhile since I had seen him.  The best part was telling him I was pregnant.

Tyson and I celebrated our second anniversary.  He spoiled me with a Tiffany & Co. necklace and a meal to Flemings.

We spent many weekends at the Farmer's Market in Old Town Clovis.

We went boating with Tyson's entire family for Memorial Day.  It was a blast.

We made a quick trip to Utah to see the fam.  I got to watch my niece Madison play in her softball game.  My friends got to see me prego for the first time.

We survived the hottest summer EVER!

We spent a lot of time in the pool.

We went camping with friends and family.

We finally got GiGi to get into the pool.

We spent the 4th of July swimming and enjoying fireworks.

We got to go through the temple with our friend Sergio and his beautiful wife.  It was such a neat experience to watch their family be sealed together for time and all eternity.

I was in a Birthday Suite Maternity photo shoot.  I had a such a great time being around other prego girls.

We went to Newport Beach where I experienced my first true acid reflux outburst, as well as the swelling of the feet.

We got to stop by San Clemente to visit Kiersten and Jordan.

I learned how to do eyelash extensions.

GiGi made a boyfriend.

My feet continued to swell as the heat continued to rise.

I got to visit Utah again and meet my new nephew.  My family also threw me my first baby shower.

My friend Jessie took some maternity photos for me.  

I got to be at Joshua's football game and senior night.

We went to our first pumpkin patch and decorated for Fall.

We attended the Fresno State Fair for the first time together.

I said goodbye to working.  I couldn't wait to be a stay at home momma, something I always wanted to be.

We celebrated Halloween by dressing up GiGi.  I was not in the mood this year.

We got to watch GiGi have her puppies.  It was so hard to have her away from us, however we got an early Christmas present, she is back home with us now.

The best and most wonderful highlight of 2012 was giving birth to our beautiful baby girl Penelope Betty.  

We are loving every second of our new role as parents. 

We can't wait to see what the next year brings!!!!

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  1. What a fun and busy year for you!!!! I loved this post, you are so pretty and never take a bad picture!!!