Sunday, December 23

Sick Baby

My poor sweet baby is sick.

It seriously breaks my heart.

I hate feeling helpless and not being able to take the hurt from her.

Hearing her struggle to breathe and nurse is so sad.

Her poor nose is stuffy and she has the saddest little cough.

As much as she hates her nose being suctioned, she still finds a way to smile afterwards.

She wants to be held more and rocked to sleep, but I'm not complaining.

I will do anything to help her feel better.

I wish so badly I could be sick and not her.

Our bed is covered in spit up and snotty burp rags.

 We laugh how we could care less.

I know that she will be sick other times in her life, but as a

 parent you wish you could protect them from everything.

I can't wait for this cold season to pass.

In the mean time I will cherish snuggling my baby in her warm jammies and soft blankets.


  1. oh this broke my heart!!! sick kids are the saddest, i hope she is feeling better soon! eat lots of sugar, it always makes me feel better:)

  2. Your baby still looked so cute and adorable despite being sick. How is she now? I hope she doesn’t have the cold anymore. Yes, parents like us do hope we can protect our precious little ones from everything that may harm them. But it’s impossible, and all we can do is make sure we can help them gain strength and good health as much as possible. Make sure you give your little one some Vit C regularly to boost her immune system. Going to the pediatrician’s office for check-ups now and then can also help you make sure she’s in good health always, and that she gets the necessary vaccines. Hope you all had a great Holiday season!

    Oskar Aarden