Tuesday, December 11

Penelope's Name

You may wonder where we got the name Penelope Betty from.  

Penelope was named after her Great Grandma Betty Jane Cleveland.  

I knew from the moment I met grandma Betty that there was something special about her.

I fell instantly in love with her name and her spirit.

She radiates with love and kindness and is a true disciple of Christ.

How could I not want to name my daughter after her?

I have such a special place in my heart for Grandma Betty. 

She is so sincere in all aspects of her life.

One of my favorite things that she says is, "I love you with all my heart."

She is so special and I wanted Penelope to always carry a piece of her within herself.


As far as the name Penelope goes, Tyson and I had the hardest time agreeing upon a name.  There were plenty of names that I loved, Tyson not so much.  

We were driving down Parleys Canyon as I was going through P names in my head.  Penelope popped into my head.  I was nervous to spout it out, in fear that Tyson would shut it down.  I asked Tyson what he thought and much to my surprise he liked the name.

From then on it stuck Penelope Betty Parker!

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