Monday, September 9

10 Months

Dear Penelope,

I can't believe that I am writing the words 10 months!  My days with you as my little baby are dwindling before my eyes.  I don't know what it is, but this past month has been really hard on me.  I find myself almost in tears, thinking about you growing up.  Your baby rolls are starting to decrease by the day, from all of your moving around.  The little neck roll that you had is deflating quickly.  You are getting so close to crawling.  I swear it is going to happen any day.  You no longer fit in your infant car seat and now ride in style, in your big girl car seat.  It almost takes up our entire back seat.  It's a crack up!

I have to say the cutest and most favorite thing you have done this past month is giving kisses.  All I have to say is give mommy a kiss and you lean forward and open your mouth.  It is the sweetest sloppiest kiss in the world.  You even try and give GiGi kisses.

You are my little carp.  Anything and everything goes into your mouth.  I have to watch you like a hawk.  I will have a million toys in front of you, but you seem to prefer GiGi's toys above all else.  You are only nursing once a day now.  You have grown keen to your bottle.  It has been nice in some aspects, because your daddy has got the chance to put you to sleep.  We fight over who gets to feed you before bed.  It is the best snuggling you in your silky blanky and watching you drift into dream land.  

You tried banana bread for the first time and I think I can say, it is your favorite food to date.  You are going to be like your mama, liking baked goods and all.  You have tried avocados, tomatoes, and rice.  I tried giving you blueberries and strawberries, but you quickly spit those up.  For some reason you are not a fan of solid fruits.

You have been sick a lot this past month.  It has been hard watching you be in pain.  You have your two K9 teeth.  They are so cute and out of place.  I love it.  You got your first ear infection, which was not fun, but oh how you loved your pink medicine.  We had a scare with worms!  Yup, I said worms.  I found one in your diaper and about died.  I called your pediatrician immediately and got you and GiGi on some medication.  Luckily, no more worms made an appearance in our house.  I started to question, if it really was one.  Better safe than sorry.  It about threw your mom through the roof.  The only downside, I will say to having a dog.  Luckily, GiGi didn't end up having them either.

You are pure entertainment for those around you.  You growl, smile, and are the most flexible baby around.  I have never seen someone so young, with such flexibility.  You are my little rubber band girl.  You roll through the splits left and right.  You are getting closer and closer to pulling yourself up.  While hanging out in your walker, you have discovered how to open and close the cupboards.  We are going to be doing a lot of baby proofing around here.

GiGi is still your favorite thing.  You wave at her as soon as you spot her.  Waving is your new favorite trick.  I love taking you to the grocery store, because you wave at every single person.  I love how you have no fear and love everyone.  You brighten everyone's day, as soon as they see you.

You sleep on your tummy now.  I love going in your room, in the middle of the night.  Your plump cheeks rest perfectly on your mattress.  I love hearing you breath and wonder what you are dreaming about.  Getting you out of bed is always a booster to my day.  You nuzzle your little nose into my neck and hold onto me with all your might.  It makes me feel incredibly loved.

Watching you grow has been nothing short of amazing.  You learn so quickly and are growing right before our eyes.  I can't wait to see what these next months have in store.  You make our world spin round and make every day worth living to its fullest.

We love you to the moon and back baby girl!

Mama and Papa

^^^Baby hands are my favorite.^^^

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  1. She couldn't be any cuter!!! My boys still talk about her:)

  2. Penelope and Clara REALLY need to meet! I feel like they are so similar!!

    1. I completely AGREE!!! Next time you are in California you will have to let me know. We will make it happen for sure. Can you even imagine seeing the two of them together?!?!