Monday, September 30

New York City: Part Two

I'm not joking when I said New York City got better and better.  Tuesday and Wednesday made me fall more and more in love with the city.  We continued to eat to our hearts content, while roaming the gorgeous streets.  My legs and feet ached, but I wasn't about to let that stop me.

^^^ My favorite picture of the hubby to date. ^^^

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, which was so beautiful.  It gave us the perfect view of the skyline of New York City.  I imagined it being a quick trip across.  Later we found out, it was over a mile walk.  It was the perfect way to gear up for Grimaldi's Pizza.


^^^ Next time I will be sure to bring a lock. ^^^

^^^ This pizza was ridiculous. ^^^

On our walk back we stumbled upon the most charming little park.  It was covered in crispy leaves, my favorite.  I got my first taste of Autumn.  

Before going to our show that night, we stopped by Doughnut Plant.  Their doughnuts were so fun and different, nothing like I had ever tried before..  They had the yummiest flavors.  We tried the pistachio, chocolate, creme brulee and cinnamon & sugar. 

We saw our first Broadway show together, Once.  The music was incredible.  No orchestra needed, they played the instruments right there on the stage.  It felt like we were in Ireland.  We weren't expecting the language..... if you know what a mean.  That aside, it was phenomenal.  Falling Slowly was my favorite song.

^^^ The lead girl looks just like my cousin Abbey. ^^^

^^^ This fella cracked me up the entire time. ^^^

We were right by Time Square, so we figured we would stop by and check it out.  I am not really a fan of the hustle an bustle, but it was still neat to see the city all lit up.  

Wednesday we slept in a bit.  It was nice to catch up on some sleep and no baby, allowed us to do that.  After getting ready, we made our way to Eataly.  (Thank you for the suggestions on my blog post about what to do in the city).  This place was beautiful.  It was a market filled with fresh fruits and veggies.  It had a deli, a butcher shop, fresh pasta, and seven different restaurants, all serving delicious fresh Italian food. 

^^^ Cheese and pasta are two of my favorite foods.  I was in heaven. ^^^

^^^ We had the tastiest sandwich, with fresh mozzarella and salami. AMAZING!!!! ^^^

^^^ The Flat Iron building.  I don't understand how that thing does not blow over in the wind. ^^^

After enjoying our lunch we went and saw another Broadway Show, Peter And The Starcatcher.  It was the prequel to Peter Pan as Wicked is to The Wizard of Oz.  I really enjoyed the show and couldn't get over the actor playing "hook".

The rest of the evening we munched on almond croissants and met our friends Aaron and Angelica for dinner.  They introduced us to this darling little restaurant, called The Meatball Shop.  It was again scrumptious.  You can try all different kinds of meatballs with every kind of sauce imaginable.  The dessert was my favorite part, brown sugar ice cream with a brownie cookie and a corn cookie with a cheese icecream.   If I could have taken one dessert home with me, it would be the corn cookie sandwich. 

We couldn't wait to see, what else the city had to offer!
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  1. NYC is one of the best places on earth! Enjoying your stories and photos! :)