Tuesday, October 1

New York City: Part Three

Thursday morning we woke up bright and early to attend a session at the Manhattan Temple.  We were so close from missing the session.  We hightailed it off the subway and ran through the streets.  By the time we got there we were dripping with sweat.  It was awesome....... Luckily we made it in just the nick of time. 

^^^ This temple is up there in my top three favorites. ^^^

After the Temple we walked over to Levain Bakery.  They bake the thickest, gooiest, yummiest double chocolate chip cookie in the world.  We bought a couple and snacked on them throughout the remainder of the trip.  We met back up with Aaron, so he could show us some more of the city.  We found the most adorable children's boutique, called Piccolini.  We bought Penelope the neatest wooden toys that resemble New York City.  At night they even glow in the dark.  We had finally found the perfect gift to take back to her.  I still remember every trip my parents went on and looking forward to see what they had brought me back.  I couldn't wait to do the same.

^^^ We went to Rice To Riches, a tapioca bar, featured in the movie Hitch.  It was delectable. ^^^

We didn't stop their, at our daily sweet intake.  We walked to MILK, which serves all sorts of cookies, cake truffles, and frozen yogurt. 

^^^ We also enjoyed the juiciest mango from a street vendor. ^^^

Before dinner we wanted to check out Washington Square Park.  It was such a beautiful park.  I could have stayed there all night.


Our friends Breton and Jen flew in for their 10 year Anniversary with their friends Tiff and Rob.  When we originally planned our trips, we had no idea that we would be there at the same time.  Since we were both going to be in NY, we had to meet up.  We all went to dinner at Otto again.  It was especially fun for Rob, because he served his mission in Italy.  

After dinner we went and got the ever so famous frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity.  The restaurant was darling.  I love the movie Serendipity, so that made it all the more fun.  The frozen hot chocolate, honestly was not that great, but their ice cream sundaes were delicious. 

Friday morning Tyson and I parted ways, so that he could attend Aaron's bachelor party.  Luckily Breton and Jen let me tag along with them for the day.  I met them down at ground zero.  I didn't realize you had to have a ticket to get into the 911 Memorial, so I sadly wasn't able to see the fountains.  I was still taken back, at the feelings that surround that place where the Twin Towers once stood.  I can't imagine what those families had to go through and our still going through.  I am grateful for a country that stays strong through tragedy and for all those who have shown great perseverance.  

On our way to the Staten Island Ferry we stopped to watch some street performers.  I give them credit for the way they make a living.

I had seen the Statue of Liberty when I was younger, so the free ferry ride was a perfect way to get a good view of Lady Liberty, without having to wait in a long line.

^^^ The view of the city was breathtaking. ^^^

I met back up with Angelica for an evening of fun.  We started out with appetizers at Murray's Cheese Bar.  They served us three different kinds of cheese from around the world, with prosciutto, salami, and kale caesar salad.  It was delish.  We walked to dinner and picked up some macaroons on the way, from Sugar Plum and bisousciao.  Salted caramel and pumpkin were my two favorites.  

Angelica is a total foodie like me.  It was awesome to spend time with someone who enjoys food as much as I do.  Aaron and Tyson aren't big fans of Italian food, so what do we do when they were gone, we eat Italian.  The restaurant Bar Pitti, was ridiculously good.  They served fresh pasta and all of the waiters are straight out of Italy.  The pesto was indescribably tasty.  

As if we hadn't already eaten enough, we had to make one last pit stop to Molly's Cupcakes.  They won Cupcake Wars.  We shared the peach cobbler cupcake and the birthday cake batter cupcake.  These cupcakes were so moist and had yummy fillings in the center.  

We went back to her apartment and watched Breakfast At Tiffany's.  It was the perfect way to end the perfect night. 

Saturday morning was our last day to take in all that New York had to offer.  Aaron was kind enough to treat Angelica and I to the best spin class ever!  We attended a exclusive spin studio called, Soul Cycle.  The second I walked into the door, I knew this was going to be an entirely different experience than ever before.  Soul Cycle is where all the stars work out.  It is not your regular spin class.  You focus on your total body from head to toe.  You even do weights at the end of the class.  The music and lights brought the energy.  As soon as the music started I knew I was in for a treat.  Chills instantly ran down my body.  I became a little emotional just feeling so blessed to be in that moment and for the wonderful experience we had in New York City.  I was exhausted by the end of the class, but felt rejuvenated.  It felt so good to sweat after eating all of that food.  If you are ever in New York, you have to take the time to sign up for a class.  It is $20 for your first class and well worth it.  They even give you gum, ear plugs, face wash, deodorant, lotion, towels, shoes, and whatever else you would need to make your experience all the better.  This was one of my favorite activities. 

We stopped at City Bakery to get pretzel croissants for the plane ride home.  These things were the perfect combination of sweet and salty with enough buttery goodness to make your tummy sing.  We ate lunch at this little restaurant called Westville.  We devoured brussel spouts, butternut squash and turkey burgers after our workout.  I had a blast getting to know Angelica more.  Their wedding is in Sacramento on November 9th.  I can't wait to see them again and spend time with them in San Francisco.  

This trip was honestly the best trip I have ever been on.  Tyson and I had a blast!  I don't think I will ever to adequately describe just how much fun we had.  The city was spectacular and it defiantly stole a piece of my heart.  I can't wait to go back again!  This trip wouldn't have been possible without Tyson's parents.  They were so gracious to watch our little Penelope.  The only thing that made it easier to leave, was knowing we got to snuggle Nellie and see GiGi's excitement, to have us back.


until next time......................

In the mean time I will be watching You've Got Mail and Serendipity to get my fix. 
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