Monday, October 14

All The Fishes In The Sea

After much anxiety and anticipation we arrived safely to Hawaii!  I wasn't sure what to expect, when it came to traveling with an 11 month old.  Penelope handled the flight surprisingly well.  Another post on that later......

Tyson's parents greeted us at the airport with open arms, leis and all.  We knew this trip would be different than the last, but were all the more excited to have our little Nellie with us and experience Hawaii in an entirely different way.  Our hotel was not ready when we first arrived, so in order to kill time we meander around the Maui Ocean Center.  After only having the Monterey Aquarium to compare it to, I was pleasantly surprised at how neat it was.  I am always astonished at the beauty of God's creations.  The colors of the fish were remarkable.  They had numerous tanks full of exotic colored neon fish, bursting with hot pinks and striking oranges.  My favorite fish was fuchsia pink, black, and neon yellow.  Another fish that I had never seen and caught my eye, was the unicorn fish.  I mean who doesn't love a fish that resembles a unicorn.  All in all we had a great time and loved watching Penelope's eyes widen with excitement as she saw all of the different kinds of sea life, up close and personal. 

^^^ Penelope's candy lei was a hit.  Kudos to grandma and grandpa. ^^^

^^^ Happy Baby Pose in its finest form.  ^^^

^^^ Cutest little turtle I ever did see. ^^^

^^^ Poor Steve Irwin, I totally get it now.  That thing was massive. ^^^

I seriously cannot wait to dip my feet in the ocean and maybe rent myself a paddle board.
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  1. Sooo glad you had a fun trip!!! I am obsessed with all your pictures!!! I need some sun and relaxing right about now!