Wednesday, October 9

11 Months

Dear Penelope,

It can't be true!  I am in complete and utter denial that you are almost a year old.  You have grown up so much over this past month and have discovered so many new things.   One of them being figuring out how to pull yourself up.  The biggest grin spreads across your face as you look at us for applause.  You are so proud of yourself and so are we. 

I love watching you crawl all over our house.  You switch back and forth from army crawling and crawling.  You slither your way to my book shelf any chance you can get.  You are fascinated with my books and I hope that you always will be.  

You still love to feed Gigi all of your food.  I can't help but smile when you do this.  You will eat just about anything.  I love taking you out to eat and watching you try new foods.  I wish you enjoyed fresh berries, but you are still not a fan.  Your little tongue sticking out with the food still on it, lets us know.  You screech every time I am eating something and don't give you a bite.  

You personality is starting to burst out of your little self.  You scream with excitement every time you see someone you know.  You hold your breath so much that your face turns red.  I think we might have a swimmer on our hands.  You are sure to let us know when you like or dislike something.  

Bath time is still the highlight of your day.  I will let you swim in there as long as you want.  Your little fingers and toes get all pruned and I love it.  We brush your teeth while you are in there.  Every time you see your tooth brush you get excited.  Would you believe, you already have six teeth.  I love watching you smile and seeing that mouth full of pearly whites.  

Music makes your head bob back and forth.  You like to shake your head side to side anytime we say no.  It is too cute!  We have to be sure to say no softly, because your tender heart gets its feelings hurt easily.  I think we have a sensitive one on our hands. 

Every day we check to see if your hair has grown any.  I don't think it has grown much since birth.  A definite Parker trait you inherited.  I am dying to put your hair in pig tails and braids. It seems it is turning a lighter brown.

You love your morning nap, but despise your afternoon one.  Going down for bed is still easy as can be.  I rock you to sleep and love every minute I have with you.  When you wake up in the morning I find you standing at your crib.  You have managed to chew right into your crib with those chompers of yours.  It looks like your dad and I are going to have to get some teething covers for your crib before you saw it down.  

We love you so much and that love just continues to grow and grow.  It doesn't seem possible, but you get more adorable by the day.  You brighten our lives in ways we never could have imagined.  You are my best friend and help me be better, in every way.  You are the light in our eyes and pep in our step.  We look forward to watching you learn and grow.


Mama and Papa

^^^ Pudgy baby feet get me every time. ^^^

^^^ We didn't last long on the chair this time. ^^^

^^^ Oh hey there GiGi. ^^^

^^^ Such a BIG girl. ^^^

^^^ Off for the crawl. ^^^

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  1. This is just the sweetest post, the love for your daughter is so clear! Xxx