Thursday, October 3

A Breath Of Fresh Air

I am happily saying goodbye to summer and welcoming fall with open arms.  I have been itching to wear my new boots and slip into my sweaters.  Chowder and butternut squash have been calling my name.  My house is full of pumpkins and gourds.  The aroma in my house smells of cinnamon and spice.  Each morning I wrap myself in my cozy grey and white polka dot robe and slip into my fluffy slippers.  We have embraced the cooler weather and have been sleeping with the windows open  I'm sure our electric bill will gladly thank us.  

Penelope and I were going a little stir crazy today (I need ideas to keep this little busy body entertained).  I looked up the weather on my phone and found that it was in the 70's.  I was stoked.  I got the pup and the babe ready and off we went to enjoy the crisp weather.

^^^ I love when she sticks her tongue out and blows bubbles. ^^^

^^^ Living in Harlan Ranch, sure has its perks. ^^^

^^^ Penelope finally got to wear her darling hat and sweater that her aunt Cortney gave her. ^^^

^^^ She couldn't get enough of the swing. ^^^

Getting some fresh air did us all some good.  Now that things are starting to cool down around here, we just may be taking daily trips to the swings.


I am looking forward to Conference weekend.  I crave the uplifting words from our prophet and the leaders of our church.  I love being uplifted and edified both spiritually and mentally. 
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