Wednesday, October 16

Up Up Up and Away

The last time we were in Hawaii, Tyson and I decided that the next time we made it back, we would make sure to get out and be more adventurous.  Now keep in mind the Parker breed comes out highly on the cautious side.  The Brown side tends to tug on the strings of that cautious side.  My family is the live on the edge, kind of sort, adrenalin junkies if I might.  We live for that heart pounding, chest pumping, clammy hands kind of thrill in life.  I like to think I am on the lesser scale of those things, but have been found guilty of skydiving and cliff jumping.   The two sides combined makes for a happy duo between Tyson and myself.  I am grateful Tyson is willing to try new things and expand his risk taking horizon.  I will never forget the moment, my little brother Josh strapped Tyson to a snowboard and had him ride down his homemade ramp onto a rail.  This trip I tried with all of my might, to get Tyson to go skydiving with me.  We are taking baby steps and aired on the side of caution, choosing Parasailing. 

We woke up early and were the first boat out for the day.  All of Tyson's siblings came along for the thrill.  We had  a blast taking in the fresh breeze, refreshing water, stunning view, and jamming out to island tunes. 

^^^ Brandon's face is priceless. ^^^

^^^ Seriously, this guys job is rough. ^^^

Looking down and all around at the beauty of the earth, made me push the pause button and want to freeze time, just for that moment.  In that instance I sat soaring 1,200 feet in the air and did nothing more than smile.  Sure life is rough at times, but overall we are given these amazing moments, that take our breathe away and make all of the rough patches worth it.  Life is tremendously good and I can't help but feel insurmountably blessed.

^^^ Tyson's expression kills me. ^^^

^^^ Pardon the open mouthed, happy face. ^^^

^^^ Best photo bomb yet. ^^^

It was the perfect way to start our mornings.
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  1. I seriously LOVE this!!! I did it in Mexico a few times and it was a blast, even thought I was terrified the whole time the ropes were going to snap:)(Mexico was a little more sketchy than Hawaii I'm sure!)