Thursday, October 10

On The Move

Penelope is on the go 24/7.   If I look away for one second, I will find her in my books.  She has the army crawl down pat.  The way she slithers across the floor, reminds me of a salamander.  She gets herself from a to b in two seconds flat.  If she is in the mood she will even give us a few crawls.  I get a thrill out of watching her get where she wants to go.  She is one determined little girl and I hope she will always be that way.

She is off to change the world! 

^^^ Downward dog is her favorite yogi pose. ^^^

^^^ Why I vacuum my floor 5x's a day. ^^^

^^^ I must be missing out, that floor looks mighty tasty. ^^^

And now for my daily battle....

^^^ 9 out of 10 times she wins. ^^^

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  1. She is the cutest little girl! I love her big pretty eyes!