Monday, September 9

DIY Chalkboard Tutorial

For the past, oh I don't know, year or so I have wanted a chalkboard to adorn the enormous blank wall in my kitchen.  I had an idea in mind, but laid it to rest until I found something I loved.  I couldn't find one that would fit my wall and I wasn't particularly fond of any.  I recently have gotten back on the kick of Pinterest and found this tutorial.  I was smitten with its rustic look and the simplicity of it.  I knew this was one project I could tackle on my own.  

So here it goes, a little tutorial according to my iPhone.............

Step One - Map out the size of chalk board you would like.
(Washi Tape is all I had and it worked great)

Step Two - Make your way to Home Depot to get your supplies.

FYI - My Home Depot here in Fresno, did not carry the chalkboard sheet, so I found the cheapest piece of plywood they had and spray painted two coats of chalk board paint on top.  (Let each coat dry for a minimum 24 hours).  The plywood was so big I decided to make two more additional chalk boards out of it.  I didn't want any scraps left over.  Home Depot is great and will cut the wood for you.  I am not so good with numbers, so I gave them the measurements of my wall, that I had taped off and they figured out the rest.  

- plywood
- 2 cans of chalkboard spray paint (I ended up using five total for all three boards)
- 1" x 3" for the boarder (I needed at least four for all of three of my chalkboards)
- foam paint brushes
- stain (I used Minway Dark Walnut for my larger board)
- wood glue
- chalk

Step Three - Stain wood and spray paint plywood.
(I had such a hard time waiting for the paint to dry.  I am not patient, but let me tell you, it was worth the wait.)

Step Four - Glue your stained wood onto your chalkboard. 
(I used paint cans for weights, to ensure the wood stayed in place until the glue dried).

Step Five - Get out your chalk and have some fun!

^^^ Smaller chalkboard that has the exact measurements as the tutorial on Pinterest. ^^^

^^^ My large and in charge chalkboard 35" x 53". ^^^^

This has been one of the most rewarding projects I have ever done.  I absolutely love how it turned out and look forward to the many many quotes that will be written on it.
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  1. Those turned out darling!!!! I LOVE them!!! Now I just need a big blank wall in my house, I seemed to fill mine up too quickly!!!!

  2. Love the chalkboard! What did you use to hang/attach the large and in charge chalkboard to your wall?

    1. Thank you! I used some hooks called "Perfect Hang" from Home Depot. They can hold up to 50 pounds, which is nice for the really big chalkboards.