Friday, September 13

NYC Here We Come

Tyson received a phone call a couple months back, from one of his best friends, who happens to live in New York City.  He enthusiastically informed Ty that he was engaged.  We were both ecstatic over the news.  He later asked Ty to be one of his groomsmen, which he happily accepted.  

Along with being a groomsmen comes the thrill of attending the bachelor party.  Lucky for us, the festivities are taking place in the BIG city.  We had always talked about visiting NYC in the fall and how dreamy it would be to stroll through Central Park.  Aaron's bachelor party seemed like the ideal time for us to book our flights.  Needless to say, we will be making the trip cross country next weekend.  

We had originally planned on taking Nellie with us.  I knew in the back of my mind that this was going to complicate things, but I couldn't bare the idea of leaving my baby behind.  She was also nursing at the time we booked our flights and I wasn't about to cut her off for my own selfish reasons.  I read up on traveling tips with a baby and purchased a few travel friendly items.  I pushed out the idea of attending any shows and tried to imagine how we were going to make the time difference and missed nap work.  Well little miss decided she was done nursing and that was  a game changer.

 After battling it out in my mind day after day and taking countless advice from my mom and friends we have decided it would be best to leave her home.  I am still mustering up the courage to take this leap.  I know she will be in good hands with my in-laws, but it still breaks my heart to even fathom being apart from her for seven days.  After weighing the pro's and con's it seems ideal for her to stay.  I get that little lump in my throat just thinking about it.  Am I making the right decision?  I hope so............

Any who back to our trip.  What fun things should we do?  Where should we eat?  What shows should we see?  

Saying goodbye will be the hardest part, but being able to spend some quality time with the hubs, might be the best thing for all of us........ I hope........

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I am also missing my 10 year reunion.  It happens to fall on the day we fly back home.  I am still in disbelief over the fact that I have been graduated for 10 years.  Hopefully I will be able to make it back for the next!
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  1. I also not agree if you leave your baby behind. . Hope you all enjoy it very much.

    Trip advisor

  2. You need to go to this place called Eataly. It is a huge Italian market with 4 resturants, produce, sweets, fresh cheeses, and a home good area. Google it for the address! It was so good that in the 9 days we were in NYC we stopped to get something 5 out of 9 days. And you need to go to the donut plant! They are AMAZING! Fresh fruit ones and ones like coconut cream, green tea, chi tea and cookie dough! There are two locations so just google them too. Have fun! I love New York!

    McKenzie Bonner

  3. I will be missing the 10 year too. The hubs and I will be in Chicago. My in laws served a mission in Brooklyn and one fun thing we did was walk across the Brooklyn bridge. I always love seeing lion king in new York. We have had kids the last few times we have been there so that's a total game changer. Hope you guys have so much fun!

  4. You're like me, I would be so sad knowing I wouldn't get to see Rad for that long... BUT take it from an outsiders perspective... HAVE FUN! Babies, as fun as they are, are FULL TIME! You deserve a break! Just think how much fun she'll have with your in-laws :) SO JEALOUS! Central Park in the Fall!!! :)