Sunday, January 4

Lucy 4 months

Dear Lucy,

Wow, I can't believe how the months seem to be just flying by.  You have grown so much over this past month.  We call you our butterball turkey, because of your chubby belly.  The rolls on your arms and legs go for days.  I have to make sure to scrub them extra good when you are in the bath, because they like to store lint.  I can't seem to keep up with all of your growth.  Just the other day I packed up all of your newborn to three month clothes.  It's always a sad day when I am reminded at just how tiny you once were, but I also can't get enough of the chunky stage.  You are currently wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers, however I don't think either of those sizes are going to be on you for much longer.  

While mimi was here visiting she witnessed you rolling over, both from front to back and back to front. I am happy she got to experience one of your first milestones with us.  You also have gotten spoiled by sleeping in her arms, because you have been a bit fussy these past couple of weeks.  We don't blame you, experiencing your first double ear infection and all.  You hated taking your medication, but started warming up to the idea of it towards the end.  You love your food and know when you want it.  The second you wake up you cry until you are fed, but are instantly happy as soon as that belly of yours is topped off.  I have started giving you formula once a day to try and build my supply.  Mommy and daddy are going out of town next month for a week and have to make sure you have enough of the good stuff before we leave.  You didn't like it at first, but now take it like a champ.  

Your sleeping schedule is all over the place.  We are all a little sleep deprived over here, but getting to see your cute face in the middle of the night makes it all worth it.  You are currently sleeping in your swing, but we are really wanting to transfer you to your crib, in hopes that you will sleep for longer stents of time.  Mama is really going to work on getting you on a schedule, now that things have seemed to slow down a bit around here.  

Your eyes twinkle and that smile of yours lights up the room.  All we have to do is look at you and you smile from ear to ear.  You love to be sung to and always have to be moving.  I've tried wearing you in the Ergo carrier, but you are not a fan of that either.  We got you lots of fun toys for you for Christmas and hope this month you will be able to start holding onto them.  It's the cutest thing hearing you try to talk.  You love the sound of your voice.  I could listen to you sing all day.  

We love you so so much.  You continue to steal our hearts over and over again each day.  We are so happy you came into our family.  You are truly the sweetness and calm that we need.  Just the other day I was doing the dishes and you were in the corner asleep in your swing and a flood of overwhelming gratitude swept over me.  I was just so thankful in that instance for the sweet, healthy and adorable gift that my heavenly father blessed me with.  You are truly one of our greatest blessings.

Mama and Papa
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  1. Look at that smile! I love it when all it takes is a look to get them to smile. What a blessing these little babes are!

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