Sunday, January 18

The Perfect Date

One of my New Years resolutions is to attend the temple at least once a month.  I was such a slacker last year and want to make sure I make it a priority this year.  We decided to kick off our new year with a date to the temple on Saturday.  Tyson's dad happens to be a sealer at the Fresno temple every Saturday.  It was wonderful to work side by side with him and Tyson.  Each time I attend the temple, I leave with such a peace in my heart and rejuvenation that is always well over do.
I am usually toting around a diaper bag every where I go, so whenever I get a chance to switch things up I am always excited.  I decided to whip out my Sage & Harper bag for our date.  It may sound silly, but it is so comfy and you know I am all about being comfortable.  It is also packed full of pockets, which makes my life so much easier.  The print and colors add just the right amount of pop to any outfit.  

I can't express how much it means to me, to be able to attend the temple with my guy.  I always feel like it draws us nearer to one another and strengthens our relationship.  I cherish the blessings of the temple and feel so blessed to have one near to where I live.  I definitely took living footsteps away from a temple for granted while living in Utah.  
After attending the temple we made our way to Texas Roadhouse.  We ate far too many rolls and enjoyed eating a meal with just the two of us.  It got me super excited for the trip we are taking in just a couple of weeks.
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  1. I've heard mixed reviews about these bags. Just curious if this was a sponsored post? I want to get one if it's really worth it, but don't want biased opinions on reviews. Thanks!

    1. This was a sponsored post, however everything I expressed was truly how I felt. I LOVE the purse!!!! I get a ton of compliments every time I take it out :)

  2. i cannot even handle how adorable that bag is! it's so cute! as is your blog! i am stopping by via your sponsorship on he and i. can't wait to check out more.


    1. Hi Nicole! Thanks so much for stopping by :) I always love new readers.